Enerpac RP70A Rail Stressor

Lightweight design without sacrifice to performance

The Enerpac RP70A is a Network Rail Approved lightweight Rail Stressing Kit, designed specifically for railway maintenance and renewal engineers, used to control the gap between the rail ends during the thermite rail welding process.

Lightweight Rail Stressing Kit

Designed to be both durable and easy to assemble, its components are up to three times lighter than similar kits and all are genuine one or two-man lift which is revolutionary for this type of product. This reduction in weight massively helps with ergonomics and fatigue for the user and greatly assists in reducing issues with the load capacities of transport vehicles.

The cylinder rods are protected with lightweight steel sleeves which reduces potential physical damage and weld splatter contamination during the welding process which can decrease long-term maintenance and repair costs.

The RP can be used with existing petrol and the latest Enerpac ZC battery packs, the latter providing a reliable, quiet and lightweight way to operate stressors which has less impact on the environment and eliminates the need to carry petrol fuel to the site.

Enerpac RP70A Key Features

  • Revolutionary lightweight ergonomic design
  • Each component a genuine one or two man lift
  • Rapid setup time
  • No requirement to remove ballast
  • Extra protection of cylinder rods
  • Helps increase transportation vehicle payloads
  • Can be used with existing petrol & Enerpac ZC battery power packs

Enerpac RP70A Rail Stressor

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