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We stock a selection of equipment to run out and tension all types of overhead line systems.

These are used in conjunction with fabric slings, shackles and lifting products such as Lever Hoists and Tirfor Machines.


Bowthorpe Equipment, Bodies and Wedges

Made from high strength aluminium alloy, these have been developed to attach to various wire diameters so the correct tension can be achieved. Used with twin leg pulling slings, roundslings and lever hoists.

Bowthorpe Clamps and Wedges have been developed to tension conductor cables in overhead line systems. Used with slings, shackles and lifting products such as Lever Hoists and Tirfor Machines, the conductor wire can be installed to the specific required tension.

Wedge Specifications:

Stock Code Product Code Type Conductor Diameter Working Load Weight
WBE/103 406594594 A 9.0 to 10.7mm 60kN 1.7kg
WBE/104 406594595 B 10.8 to 12.5mm 60kN 1.7kg
WBE/105 406594597 C 14.4 to 16.1mm 60kN 1.6kg
WBE/106 406598602 D 16.2 to 18.2mm 60kN 1.2kg
WBE/107 406598604 E 20.5 to 22.5mm 60kN 1.1kg
WBE/108 406594003 F 18.3 to 20.4mm 100kN 2.5kg
WBE/109 406594596 Y 12.6 to 14.3mm 60kN 1.6kg
WBE/110 406598598 AS 9.0 to 10.7mm 60kN 1.1kg
WBE/111 406598599 AL 10.8 to 12.5mm 60kN 1.3kg

Body Specifications:

Stock Code Product Code Conductor Diameter Weight
WBE/101 438158001 9.0 to 24.5mm 2.5kg
WBE/112 438158002 24.5 to 32.0mm 4.0kg

OLE Running Out Block, Running Out Roller

Designed to easily run out cables on overhead line systems, used with roundslings.

Stock Code WRB/102
SWL 350kg
Weight 2.2kg
Pulley Diameter 120mm
Overall Height 350mm
Width 90mm
Depth 45mm (120mm including pulley)

Twin Leg Wire Rope Pulling Sling, Bowthorpe

Used exclusively to attach a Bowthorpe Body to a lever hoist to enable tensioning of the wire.

Stock Code Working Limit Working Length Weight
WBE/102 44kN 750cm 2.3kg