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Portable jacks have been a fundamental part of track maintenance and renewals for many years, available from stock, we can supply a comprehensive selection of jacking products.

All the jacks in our range have been designed specifically to cope with the rigors of constant use out in the field but are lightweight and portable to be positioned for use with ease.

Simplex A17 Trans
Simplex A17

Simplex A17 (02075) Trip Jack

The industry standard trip jack, ideal for general track maintenance.

Fitted with a quick-trip mechanism which allows the rail to be instantly dropped.

Stock Code  WRJ/101
Capacity 15t
Stroke 330mm
Closed Height - Head 575mm
Closed Height - Toe 50.8mm
Weight 22.7kg
Simplex A1022

Simplex RJA1022 Ratchet Jack

Lightweight with aluminium body and large base for increased stability.

Strong ratchet mechanism ensures controlled lifting and lowering of load with minimal effort.

Stock Code  WRJ/102
Capacity 10t
Stroke 305mm
Closed Height - Head 550mm
Closed Height - Toe 51mm
Weight 19kg
Victory Jack

Victory Hydraulic Rotational Toe Jack

A unique hydraulic jack with 360 degree rotation of the toe, ideal for accessing confined areas.

Can be used horizontally as well as standard vertical operation. Three jacks in the range 5, 10 & 25t.

Stock Code WRJ/206
Capacity 5t
Stroke 206mm
Closed Height - Head 368mm
Closed Height - Toe 25mm
Weight 20kg
Wind Up Jack

Pfaff SJ Silverline Mechanical Toe Jack

Robust steel housing provides long service life.

The precisely machined gear box with optimal gear ratio ensures a minimum effort and smooth operation. Four jacks in range, 1500 to 10000kg.

Stock Code WRJ/105
Capacity 1500kg
Stroke 360mm
Closed Height - Head 725mm
Closed Height - Toe 70mm
Weight 13kg
Ch65 Slewing Jack

Stumec CH65 Hydraulic Slewing Jack

This obstruction less jack can be used for lifting and slewing rail using its unique detachable slewing toe.

Made from hardened steel and fitted as standard with a safety relief valve to prevent overloading.

Stock Code WRJ/202
Capacity Head 7t
Capacity Shoe 5t
Stroke - Head 115mm
Stroke - Shoe 150mm
Weight 25kg
85a Jack

Simplex 85A (RJ85A) Mechanical Ratchet Jack

Strong steel housing ensures long life and durability. The jack has a low toe height and large stable base.

Rated at 5t on both head and toe, ideal for use in confined areas.

Stock Code WRJ/103
Capacity 5t
Stroke 254mm
Closed Height - Head 432mm
Closed Height - Toe 45mm
Weight 14kg
Rbbr039 2

Zwicky F1054 Hydraulic Pan Jack

Low closed height jack with impressive 101mm stroke.

Whole jack fits under rail without removal of ballast.

Stock Code  WRJ/204
Capacity   10t
Stroke 101mm
Closed Height 235mm
Weight 18.5kg
Track Aligner Jack

Zwicky SB7417 Hydraulic Track Aligner Jack

Specifically designed for slewing of track, points and crossings.

Aluminium base embeds in ballast to give firm jacking point.

Stock Code WRJ/205
Capacity 8t
Stroke 152mm
Weight 8.5kg
805 Jack

Zwicky B805 Hydraulic Toe Jack

Popular hydraulic jack used for general track maintenance operations.

Toe fits under rail without removal of ballast.

Stock Code WRJ/203
Capacity - Head 8t
Capacity - Toe 5t
Stroke 90mm
Closed Height - Head 235mm
Closed Height - Toe 95mm
Weight 18.5kg
Simplex Tj109s

Simplex TJ109S Hydraulic Toe Jack

Lightweight but rugged jack, designed for a wide range of rail lifting applications.

Fitted with a large solid base for added stability on ballast. Requires low operating lever effort to greatly reduce the risk of back injury.

Stock Code WRJ/201
Capacity 10t
Stroke 229mm
Closed Height - Head 516mm
Closed Height - Toe 57mm
Weight 26.4kg
Simplex Tj109ls

Simplex TJ109LS Hydraulic Toe Jack

Fitted with a large solid base and unique ergonomic pistol grip, useful to quickly extend the jack until it engages with the load.

Stock Code  WRJ/207
Capacity 10t
Stroke 229mm
Closed Height - Head 410mm
Closed Height - Toe 55mm
Weight 25.0kg
Simplex Cable Drum Jack

Simplex CR320B Cable Reel Drum Jack

Used in pairs for lifting cable drums from 510mm to 1524mm.

Fitted with 3 lifting positions and hardwood base for increased stability.

Stock Code 
Capacity (per pair) Side Hooks 5t
Capacity (per pair) Top Hooks  10t
Stroke 241mm
Weight 23kg