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Rail Jacks Back in Use

On a recent project four rail car lifting jacks were in need of a new lease of life.

The units had been standing redundant for a while and certification and basic service was required to get the units back into action.

Engineers from our specific rail division staff were tasked with a basic back to service repair and test. The units were individually examined checking all load nuts and safety nuts, electrical controls and hydraulic transport devices, from here the units were linked into series and checked from the master panel. All that was required was to fit a number of bulbs and re-gland a number of electrical cables. The units were then subject to a dynamic proof load test using calibrated test weights.

With all this work now complete the units were issued with the appropriate certification, loaded onto a vehicle for transportation and successfully commissioned at the new place of work.

Rail Case Study

Enerpac ZC3404JE-RS Battery Rail Stressor Pump

The first product of its type, Worlifts supplied a major rail equipment hire company with an initial order for 16 units.

This product replaces traditional petrol units and uses established Enerpac hydraulic technology and proven Briggs and Stratton battery motor systems.

Exclusively developed along Network Rail and for use in the rail industry globally. The lithium ion battery technology eliminates the problems associated with petrol fuel and vastly reduces noise as produced by traditional drive units.

Network Rail


  • Network Rail Approved Design
  • High Performance with Zero Emissions
  • Lightweight
  • Reduced Noise Level
  • 60 Minute Fast Charge
  • Supplied with Two Batteries & Charger
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