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We offer our customers the world's leading brands, this will give you the confidence that all lifting items supplied will be fully certified to the current standard and will be fit for task.

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How Do Torque Multipliers Work?

Worlifts is a proud distributer of Norbar Torque Tools, and a popular product in the range is the Norbar Torque Multiplier. But how do they work? If you’ve ever had to do something as mundane as change a car wheel, you’ll know that loosening the bolts can be difficult. On standard cars, however, these bolts…

Inspecting and Testing of Lifting Equipment

When it comes to using lifting equipment in the workplace, being able to do so safely is important. This is because any failure in the equipment could result in serious injuries or even death. To ensure that equipment is safe to use, those who provide, control or operate it have to follow the rules which…

How Do Hydraulic Jacks Work?

When we want to lift heavy machinery or even loads of any kind, the first thing we’ll think about is hydraulics. We live and breathe hydraulics, and we supply them for every kind of situation, but why are they so effective? If you’ve ever lifted a car using a jack, you’ll have noticed that it’s…

Hydraulics and Pneumatics – what’s the difference, and why the confusion?

In the world of fluid power application, the difference between hydraulics and pneumatics are often comprehensively covered. These two kinds of power circuits are actually similar in a number of ways in that they both use a fluid to channel mechanical energy as well as in the executions, terminology, and components. Both systems likewise require…

How much force can a hydraulic cylinder generate?

It’s a basic hydraulics question, but it’s a common one, so we go to our friends at Enerpac for the answer! The following infographic shows how hydraulic forces are calculated, based on the equipment provided by Enerpac themselves. Force The amount of force a hydraulic cylinder can generate is equal to the hydraulic pressure times…

The Differences between Hydraulic and Electrical Actuators

Following on from our article about hydraulics v pneumatics, I got a question via Facebook asking “what about electrical actuators?” Now, it’s a bit off-piste for us, but our aim is to please, and as a discussion about the differences between them, it’s actually worth putting the work in, so I have, and here it…

Lifting Equipment Safety Check List

When it comes to lifting locomotives or rolling stock, there are several health and safety regulations that need to be complied with. Although maintenance work and scheduled repairs are pressing issues, workforce well being should be an employer’s prime concern. Dangers exist not only with the railcar or carriage itself, but also with the lifting…

Where are hydraulic systems found in everyday life?

Hydraulics is our lifeblood. We know all there is to know about them but we mostly encounter them in heavy machinery through the calibration, repair and installation of rail for example. We also use hydraulics in bolting with hydraulic torque wrenches for example.

Choosing the Right Equipment

Every day hydraulic jacks, lifting cylinders and other lifting equipment are used in different ways. It could be at the tyre depot when the family Mondeo needs a new tyre, or as part of a major civil engineering project to support a large structure undergoing modification or upgrade – or even to move a new…