Worlifts specialise in the supply and in-service support of all lifting equipment and associated lifting gear and crane rigging accessories.

We offer our customers the world's leading brands, this will give you the confidence that all lifting items supplied will be fully certified to the current standard and will be fit for task.

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Lifting Equipment Range

Tangye Hydraulic Jacks

Lodestar Electric Chain Hoists

Manual Hand Chain Blocks

Ratchet Lever Hoists

Push & Geared Travel Trolleys

RUD VLBG-Plus Load Rings

RUD RS Eye Bolts

Yoke Lifting Points

Manual Handling Equipment

Engineered Products

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Tangye Hydralite Jack Sq
Tangye Hydralite Toe Jacks

Ram capacity ranges from 20-60 tonne. Claw capacity from 8-24 tonne. Oil capacity from 0.64 litres up to 1.71 litres. Jacks in a range of weights from 10.9kg through to 27.4kg to cover a range of  task requirements.

L4 Lever Hoist
WH L4 Ratchet Lever Hoists

Working Load Limit Range: 800kg to 20 tonnes. Light Load Capability - tested and certified at 2% of the lever hoist rated capacity. Twin Pawl - double standard. Both top and bottom hooks are fitted with heavy duty cast steel safety latches.

C4 Chain Block
WH C4 Manual Hand Chain Blocks

Working Load Limit Range: 500kg to 50 tonnes. Light Load Capability - tested and certified at 2% of the chain hoist rated capacity. Twin Pawl - double standard. Both top and bottom hooks are fitted with heavy duty cast steel safety latches.

Yoke Lifting Point
Yoke Lifting Points

Rotates through 360° and pivots 90°. Manufactured from alloy steel. Load rated parts 100% magnaflux crack detected. Proof tested to 2.5 times the WLL. Fatigure rated to 1.5 tmes the WLL. Quick and simple assembly.

Lifting & Handling for
All Industries & Sectors

We’ve been selling lifting and handling equipment to clients in every conceivable industry and sector for more than 45 years, and in that time we’ve developed an unrivalled understanding of both the sectors our clients work in and the equipment market itself.

In addition to this we’ve established deeply embedded and longstanding partnerships with carefully chosen suppliers. The suppliers we work with are the market leaders, and the kind of names that can be relied upon to manufacture the best, most up to date and most reliable equipment available.

The range and quality of the suppliers we partner with has enabled us to build an extremely diverse range of available stock, and our well established supply lines mean that we deliver at speed.

Our equipment is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and in many cases we can provide next day delivery from our West Midlands headquarters to clients the length and breadth of the UK.

Industry trained
Staff Members

The range and quality of the equipment we stock is matched only by the expertise of the Worlifts team. As a full member of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) we’re proud to associate ourselves with the highest industry standards, and that’s reflected in the customer service we offer.

Our members of staff are all industry trained and highly experienced, so if you’re not sure exactly what piece of equipment it is you need they’ll be ready and able to point you in the right direction. Drawing on their experience and expertise they’ll recommend the tools to get your job done efficiently, affordably and, most important of all, safely.

Whether you’re looking for a single collared eyebolt or a multiple range of products to facilitate a large scale shutdown project we’ll be able to give you the tools you need to get the job done.

Full repair service
Testing & Certification

As well as stocking and supplying new equipment we offer a complete repair service for existing items of lifting tackle, equipment and gear.

Once we’ve completed a repair the equipment in question will be rigorously tested using our dynamic lifting equipment test rigs and returned having been awarded the appropriate certification.

To find out more about our lifting and handling products provision, and ask any questions you have about the way we work and what we could provide for your business, please contact us today.

You can ring on +44(0)121 460 1113 or email Alternatively please complete our contact form and one of our in-house experts will get back in touch.

Lifting Equipment

We can supply you with most of the standard 'below the hook lifting products' the next working day, these being delivered almost anywhere in the UK via our own delivery vehicles or by using a reputable overnight courier.

So, whatever your requirements, from the supply of a british standard eyebolt, crosby US federal shackle, polyester lifting slings etc, through to a 20 tonne pneumatic air hoist or fabricated mobile a frame gantry, Worlifts highly-experienced sales staff can handle your enquiry quickly and efficiently.

However, sometimes requirements are more specialized and you could well require an ON-Site visit so that we can ascertain exactly what you need. Worlifts again are happy to help, visiting your premises, carrying out a site or project specific visit and then offering the very best solution to your lifting application requirements.

'Safety is paramount' in all things we do here at Worlifts, you can be assured that all items of lifting equipment no matter how small or standard will be supplied to you 'ready to use' it will be accompanied with the appropriate certification and will be suitable for the task.

Lifting Equipment Engineers

Our dedicated lifting equipment sales team are all lifting equipment engineers association trained which in turn is backed up by regular leading brand supplier training days and ongoing internal company training to make sure we are fully conversant and understand all current lifting legislation.

We take pride on our strong working relationships with leading brand suppliers of lifting equipment within the UK market.

Below are some of the products more commonly requested:

  • Hand Chain Hoists, Hand Chain Blocks, Lever Hoists, Pull Lifts, Tirfor Machines
  • Beam Clamps, Push Travel Beam Trolleys, Geared Travel Beam Trolleys
  • Chain Lifting Slings, Wire Rope Slings, Webbing Slings, Polyester Round Slings
  • Standard Eyebolts, Swivel Eyebolts, Rotating Lifting Points
  • Electric Chain Hoists, Pneumatic Chain Hoists, Electric Winches
  • Plate Lifting Clamps, Lifting Magnets, Lifting Beams, Spreader Beams
  • Machinery Moving Skates, Roller Crowbars

Your One-Stop Solution

Repair and Test Workshops

Trust Worlifts Repair & Testing Workshops to optimise your equipment performance with expert hydraulic, mechanical, fabrication, and hand tool services, backed by industry-leading testing facilities for peace of mind.

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Full range of
Examinations & Testing

Your 'Single Source' Specialists for all Industries

Dynamic Full Stroke Load Testing of Hydraulic Jacks & Hydraulic Cylinders Pressure Testing of Hydraulic Pumps, Hydraulic Hoses & Associated Hydraulic Accessories. High-Pressure Tensioning Equipment Testing, Hydraulic Tensioner Testing & Hose Testing. Enerpac EMP Preventative Maintenance Schemes Hydrostatic Pressure Testing of Vessels and Tubes. Calibration of Torque Wrench Equipment, Calibration of Bolting Tools & Tool Verification Statutory 6 Monthly LOLER Lifting Equipment Thorough Examination