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The Rud VLBG-Plus Swivel Hoist Ring with Metric Thread has a safety factor of 4:1 and comes fully tested and approved by DGUV. The VLBG-Plus load ring is grade 12 and is designed for use in extreme temperatures ranging from -40◦C up to 100◦C and a maximum temperature of 350◦C with a reduced WLL. One of the many benefits of using this tried & tested product from Rud is that the load ring can be tilted which guarantees a full working load limit in all load directions.

Plus Load Ring

Models Available

Models available:

VLGB-Plus 0.63t M8 with ICE-bolt

VLBG-Plus 0.9t M10 with ICE-bolt

VLBG-Plus 1.35t M12 with ICE-bolt

VLBG-Plus 2t M16 with ICE-bolt

VLBG-Plus 3.5t M20 with ICE-bolt

VLBG-Plus 4.5t M24 with ICE-bolt

VLBG-Plus 6.7t M30 with RUD-bolt

VLBG-Plus 7t M36 with ICE-bolt

VLBG-Plus 8t M36 with RUD-bolt

VLBG-Plus 10t M42 with RUD-bolt

VLBG-Plus 15t M42 with RUD-bolt

VLBG-Plus 20t M48 with RUD-bolt



Lifting points pivots 360 degrees. Suspension ring pivots 180 degrees.

Optimal WLL with captive but exchangeable ICE-BOLT made out of patented steel with special corrosion protection Corrud-DT. Non-hazardous deep temperature usage down to -60 degrees; higher toughness and therefore higher bending strength as well as less wear occurance. Original ICE-bolt is available as a spare part. Clear marking at the bolt head: RUD, ICE, thread size, batchno., class off strength.

Clamping Spring works as a noise reduction and holds the suspension ring in the requested position; therefore, simple hinge of lifting mean possible respectively flat design if turned down.

Clear marking of the minimum WLL for all loading directions

Available As: Standard Metric Thread (DIN EN 13)

Variable bolt lengths available for tapped or through holes.

Tested and certified by DGUV Testing specifications: GS-HM-36:2021-09 Certificate No.: HM 220053

Quick and easy installation with just one bolt connection.

Assembly with flat / ring wrench or allen key possible.

Hand tightening with appropriate wrench is sufficient for a singular lift.

Please observe torque instructions when lifting point is permanently installed resp. at constant swivelling operations and tilting/ turning actions.

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Ship Building


Oil and Gas

Power Generation

Steel Works