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The Lodestar Hoist is a tough and durable Electric Chain Hoist designed to keep working in the most arduous conditions. The range consists of a capacity starting at 250 Kgs all the way up to 3000 Kgs. The standard height of lift is 3 metres, however longer lengths of chain are also available. Standard operating voltage is 110v, 1ph, 230v, 1ph & 400v, 3ph. From hook suspension in the rental industry to trolley mounted in a factory production line, the Lodestar has a proven reputation as the solution for industrial strength lifting.

Lodestar Hois Newt

Models Available

Models available:

C - 250 Kgs Capacity, 110v or 230v
F - 500 Kgs Capacity, 110v or 230v  
J - 500 Kgs Capacity, 110v or 230v  
L - 1000 Kgs Capacity, 110v or 230v
LL - 1000 Kgs Capacity, 400v, 3ph
LL2 - 1000 Kgs Capacity, 400v, 3ph, 2 speed
R - 2000 Kgs Capacity, 110v or 230v
RR - 2000 Kgs Capacity, 400v, 3ph
RR2 - 2000 Kgs Capacity, 400v, 3ph, 2 speed
RT - 3000 Kgs Capacity, 110v or 230v



Tough lightweight aluminium alloy covers totally enclose the mechanical and electrical components providing protection and efficient heat dissipation. The design enables easy access for installation and service.

Adjustable upper and lower limit switches.

48v control, IP65 pendant as standard (Hoist is IP54).

Thermal overload protection as standard.

FEM classification 2m (40% duty – 24 minutes continuous use per hour).

Motor classification H4.

Excellent closed height dimensions.

A lifetime lubricated gearbox contributes to exceptional service and maintenance characteristics.

Load hook with axial bearing.

Ideal for long heights of lifts.

Large frame, single phase hoists are supplied with handles and 1mtr supply cable with Cee-Form plug.

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Technical Data


Common Applications:




Ship Building


Oil and Gas

Power Generation

Steel Works