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The Yale TPM range of permanent lifting magnets are ideal tools for easy, quick and economical transport of heavy objects made from ferro-magnetic material. Typical operating areas are workshops and warehouses, loading and unloading of machines as well as construction of jigs and fixtures.

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Models Available

Models available:

TPM 0,1

TPM 0,3

TPM 0,5

TPM 0,8

TPM 1,0

TPM 2,0

TPM 3,0



Compact design of the units for a large number of applications.

The load is not affected mechanically which allows lifting of flat as well as round material.

Efficient magnet body provides strong lifting capacity at low dead weight.

The permanent magnets do not require electric energy and will leave only minor residual magnetism on the material after use.

The magnets are activated / deactivated easily by turning a locking lever. In activated condition, the hand lever will be safely locked and thus prevent unintended demagnetising.

The selection of the appropriate magnet should be made under consideration of the varying conditions of the contact surface, kind of material alloy and plate thickness / bar diameter.

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Common Applications:




Ship Building


Oil and Gas

Power Generation

Steel Works