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The Rud RS Series high tensile Eye bolts provide quick and easy installation with just one bolt connection. The standard range consists of a metric thread range of between M6 to M48 and are all marked with the WLL for all loading directions.

Eye Bolt

Models Available

Models available:

RS 0.1t M6

RS 0.2t M8

RS 0.25t M10

RS 0.4t M12

RS 0.75t M14

RS 1t M16

RS 1.2t M18

RS 1.5t M20

RS 1.5t M22

RS 2t M24

RS 2t M27

RS 3t M30

RS 3t M33

RS 4t M36

RS 5t M39

RS 6t M42

RS 7t M45

RS 8t M48



Considerably higher WLL (in comparison to DIN 580/582) at vertical load.

Large thread and WLL range (M6-M48, 0.1t – 8t).

Clear marking of the minimum WLL for all loading directions

Quick and easy installation with just one bolt connection.

In accordance with the test principles of DGUV GS-HM-36, eye bolts with rigid eyes serve as mounting aids, e.g. on motors and gear units. There is a trade association clearance certificate available for using the high-strength RUD RS eye bolts.

Other important RUD specific information and specialities can be found in the user instructions.


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Common Applications:




Ship Building


Oil and Gas

Power Generation

Steel Works