On-site certification and testing from Worlifts

With the squeeze on costs and a need to be ever more efficient with everything we do, the requirement for business to keep going, whatever service they provide, is more important now than ever before.

Any time a tool is out of service for whatever reason, costs are increasing and revenue is being lost.

However, these same tools need to be maintained to high standards and it’s critical that corners are not cut.

If a tool becomes dangerous to use, or isn’t calibrated correctly, then the repercussions could be much worse.

So how do you strike a balance?

How can you ensure your equipment is working well, calibrated to exacting tolerances and safe to use without sending them away?

Well, you can take advantage of Worlifts on-site calibration, testing and certification services!

What it involves

This on-site service is carried out by fully trained engineers utilising dedicated examination, testing and calibration vehicles. These vehicles are stocked with a comprehensive range of spare parts allowing on-site minor repairs and full service to be carried out, saving the customer valuable tool down time incurred by tools being removed from site.

Worlifts having working in partnership with Enerpac and Norbar for many years, and can offer a full range of services to the bolting industry.

What do you get?

  • Immediate Traceable Certification
  • Minimise Workflow Disruption
  • Reduce Tooling Downtime
  • Know Your Upfront Costs
  • Application Assistance
  • Risk Reduction

So book your calibration or test today!

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Understanding the symptoms of heat stress and its effect on safety

Summer in the UK is on its way, and it looks like over the next few days the country will be basking in temperatures of up to 30 degrees.

While this is great news for tourism, and no doubt the beach resorts will be selling out of ice creams, for some of us, it can be tough.

Over the weekend, some people are going to be working in industries that are already hot by nature, and coupled with the humidity and high temperatures, it can become unbearable, and that’s when problems occur.

Safety equipment is usually heavy. Jackets, harnesses, and ropes are made to be tough, and that means there can be a temptation to loosen them or take them off to keep cool, but that can obviously lead to safety issues.

Heat Stress

One of the most dangerous things that can occur to people wearing protective equipment is heat stress.

The body tends to cool down by sweating, and safety equipment can have the side effect of stopping sweat evaporation, meaning the body can’t cool.

As the core body temperature rises, the amount of sweat produced will be increases, and this can lead to dehydration and an increased heart rate. These two issues together begin to put more strain on the body.

Put simply, if the amount of heat being lost is less than the heat being dissipated, the body’s control mechanisms will begin to fail.

Although it affects people in different ways, there are some symptoms to watch out for:

  • an inability to concentrate
  • muscle cramps
  • heat rash
  • severe thirst – a late symptom of heat stress
  • fainting
  • heat exhaustion – fatigue, giddiness, nausea, headache, moist skin
  • heat stroke – hot dry skin, confusion, convulsions and eventual loss of consciousness. This is the most severe disorder and can result in death if not detected at an early stage

How to mitigate the effects of heat

There are many ways of preparing workers for the heat, but unfortunately for us in the UK, the amount of hot weather we get is fairly low compared to some countries making acclimatisation hard.

Even so, if the temperature rises, then it’s far better to have shorter shifts with lots of breaks allowing staff to get used to the heat. Eventually, they’ll be able to work longer as the body adapts but be prepared.

Also, ensure everyone knows the symptoms associated with heat stress. If you notice them early enough, you can prepare and ensure nobody suffers.

Have lots of breaks and drink plenty of water. As water is lost through evaporation, and bodies tend to sweat more in the heat, it makes sense to drink more.

Avoid coffee, tea and alcohol. Even though they do have water in them, there can be other effects, especially from alcohol which will have a greater effect on dehydrated bodies.

And finally, if the temperature keeps rising then it might be time to call it a day, and relax in the garden!

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Need to test your lifting equipment? Got limited space?

Legislation of lifting equipment has become far more stringent, and so old-style testing equipment just doesn’t cut it anymore, which is why we’ve upgraded all of our equipment.

Our new dynamic lifting equipment test machines were designed for these new tests, and they’re ready to test your lifting equipment.

As lifting engineers ourselves, we’re always looking for the best equipment for the job, and we were fond of our “nodding donkey” type test machine. However, it took up a huge amount of workshop space.

Not only that, it needed additional test weight in some cases, so we had to look for something else.

Our new equipment does everything we need, in a smaller space, and without any additional requirements.

They also come complete with high pressure hydraulic technology and modern load measuring equipment.

If you need to test your equipment, then we can supply the following:

10 tonne & 25 tonne, Model : SAM-10-TRD & SAM-25-TRD
10 tonne & 25 tonne, Model : SAM-10-CTRD & SAM-25-CTRD
500 KGs & 1250 KGs, Model : SAM-500-LLT & SAM-1250-LLT

All rigs come with full documentation, calibration certificate and training to make sure you get the best out of it straight away, and can use it safely and effectively.

If you’d like to know more, give us a call today!

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Are you ready for Rail Live 2017?

There are no train exhibitions for months, then two come along…

Well, we’re just brushing ourselves off after a successful Railtex exhibition, but there’s even more to come as we head to Rail Live, where things get even bigger!

If you’ve never been to Rail Live, then you should give it a go, it’s quite an eye-opener.

There are over 300 exhibitors (including us), so if you want to find out everything about rail, this really is the place to meet up with your peers.

There’s a Business, Networking & Media Hub which is the central point for finding out all about industry support and advice.

On the track

But, the highlight of the show has to be the opportunity to see working and static On-Track Machines, On-Track Plan as well as seeing small plant, tools and equipment.

The live demonstrations with equipment really are the highlight of the show. Exhibitors aren’t just telling you about their abilities, they’re highlighting them.

Come and see us!

Of course, we’ll be there showcasing our rail handling, support and equipment services, come and see us at J32b.

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Hydraulic Servicing & Repair From Worlifts

Hydraulic lifting equipment needs a regular maintenance schedule to ensure it’s always safe to operate, and it’s essential that all companies using such equipment keep it in top condition.

However, sometimes there’s a problem, and a routine check and highlight issues which means the equipment cannot be used. This causes delays, which will inevitably lead to costs.

Having to hire or buy equipment at short notice isn’t an ideal situation, but even with the best will in the world, things go wrong.

That’s when you need to consider a repair.

Worlifts has the equipment and expertise to ensure your company runs smoothly.

We have fully equipped workshops so any tools that need maintenance can be brought in and repaired quickly and cost effectively, but sometimes we may need to come to you.

That’s where our on-site vans can help.

For up to ten-ton applications, our on-site testing and examination equipment can come out to your site, reducing downtime and making sure any delays are kept to a minimum.

So if you have hydraulic lifting equipment that needs maintenance, servicing or repair, or need essential training in maintenance and use, give Worlifts a call today!

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Our range of equipment for the rail industry

As you hopefully know, we’ve just had a really successful time at Railtex 2017, and in a few weeks we’ll also be at Rail Live – busy times!

However, it’s worth explaining a little bit more about the services and products we offer to the rail industry, so here’s a run down.

Permanent Way

We have a number of track jacks, hand tools and rail stressing equipment available for P-way applications.

We have a huge range of products from Simplex, Stumec, Victory and others, meaning we can supply just what you need, for whatever application. And of course, these are all backed up with out on-site training so we can also give you all the knowledge necessary to make sure you’re using all the equipment safely.

But we also offer the basics.

Our range of hand tools, from shovels to keying hammers means your staff can have the very best equipment to hand, exactly when they need them.

And of course, or a wide range of rail stressing equipment is always at hand.

We also carry stocks of replacement OEM parts and can provide a comprehensive repair, refurbish and test service at our workshops or inspection and test on-site using our unique mobile units.

Overhead Line Equipment

To complement our range of standard lifting equipment, Worlifts are an established supplier of quality lightweight equipment for use in installation and maintenance of all types of catenary systems.

We stock lever hoists, pull lifts, Bowthorpe Equipment, and a whole range of equipment to run out and tension all types of overhead line systems.

These are used in conjunction with fabric slings, shackles and lifting products such as Lever Hoists and Tirfor Machines.

Of course, if you’re working overhead lines, you’ll need height safety equipment, and we are well equipped to make sure your staff are always safe.

Our fall arrest devices are designed to be attached to a harness to protect the user in a fall situation and arrest it in a controlled manner.

We stock a whole range of products that are designed to make your job easier, safer and more productive.

So give us a call today!

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Worlifts celebrates 20th anniversary as Enerpac distributor

Lifting and industrial tools supplier, Worlifts, has recently celebrated 20 years as an Enerpac industrial tools distributor.  The company is now Enerpac’s flagship distributor and service centre in the UK, offering hydraulic lifting and jacking equipment, rail jacks, torque wrenches and bolting tools together with focused on-site services and asset management for a growing number of industry sectors

Worlifts was founded over 40 years ago, but it was back in 1997 that Worlifts began offering a limited range of Enerpac tools. “We wanted to work with Enerpac as they are the world’s leading supplier of high pressure hydraulic tools.  Moreover, we liked the fact that they have a structured distribution network where all sales enquiries are passed on to Authorised Distributors” says John Worley, managing director, Worlifts.

Interest in Enerpac tools was such that it wasn’t long before Worlifts took the decision to make the Enerpac Distributorship a prime focus for the business. Within 18 months, Worlifts had doubled the sales turnover with Enerpac achieved by the previous distributor for the area. Shortly after this Worlifts were appointed as an Enerpac Authorised Service & Repair Centre.

In 2012, Worlifts took advantage of Enerpac’s initiative to roll-out Bolting Tool Service Vans to selected European distributors. The Bolting Tool Service Van is purpose built to provide on-site tool inspection, testing and calibration of manual, pneumatic, electric and hydraulic torque wrenches and associated bolting tools.

Worlifts to support the Bolting Tool initiative has formed a specialist Bolting Division incorporated into its On-Site Services Division which already boasts a fleet of fully equipped specialist inspection, testing and preventive maintenance vehicles for hydraulic tools and associated lifting equipment manned by fully trained engineers. They allow Worlifts to deliver statutory legislative examinations, on-site certification, live tool inventory detail and minor repairs, ensuring tools are fully compliant with all current standards and legislation.

“Asset management is a growing part of our business, as is the trend towards servitisation,” notes John Worley. “Customers value the on-site service. Their equipment stays on-site; customers don’t want to have their tools sent off-site for inspection, testing and/or calibration if this service can be successfully delivered safely On-Site.

Enerpac tools are offered across the business through the various dedicated divisions comprising of the Lifting and Handling Division, Rail and Utilities Division, Bolting Tool Division and Hydraulic Tool Hire Division.  Worlifts provides a one-stop shop for all your lifting and jacking equipment, small plant and maintenance tools.

The close working relationship with Enerpac is a vital part of Worlifts day-to-day business activities and new servitisation opportunities, observes John Worley. “Our Enerpac account manager is very supportive and is seen as part of the team when it comes to advice on hydraulic tool applications, technical queries and also supporting us with Enerpac Hydraulic Tool Safety Seminar days.

“Working with Enerpac, we’re able to offer additional equipment customisation and value added technical services that can assist customers in improving safety, reliability and asset management.”


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Railtex 2017 – A great few days had by all!

Well, it’s over now bar the screaming, and by all accounts Railtex 2017 was a cracking success.

Thanks to all of those who came to see us, here are a few pictures we took during the third day, which was the quietest. The two days before were really busy!

The only rail at the show!

“We make the best chains. Bigly”

Who knew pictures of chains could be arty? We knew.

Everyone working. (For once!)

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Railtex 2017 – Are you here?

Come and see us down at stand A11 where we have a whole range of equipment to demonstrate.


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A look at Tangye History

Very often we can forget that much of the technology we use today had some pretty important beginnings, and being close to Birmingham, arguably the heart of the industrial revolution, there can be a lot to uncover.

This weekend was such a time when I realised that a company Worlifts have dealt with for decades had a history going back longer than I had realised.

Tangye hydraulic jacks have been part of Worlifts for years, and we’re proud to be one of their largest distributors, but when I visited Bewdley Museum, I noticed a plaque on the side of an engine. The engine was being used in a brass works, mostly, it seemed, to polish the finished pieces.

A notice on the wall confirmed that it was indeed from Tangye, it was a 10hp oil engine from 1924 and the short bit of history seemed to match what we already knew about the Tangye brothers.

Next to this was a diagram explaining every part of the pump.

What a find!

The Tangye Brothers

Digging a bit deeper and researching the company more, it seems that Richard Tangye was the driving force behind the company.

After being born and raised in Cornwall, he obtained a clerkship in a small engineering firm in Birmingham. His two brothers eventually joined him and they learned to master the business of engineering.

The Tangye company was created in 1856, and in 1857 the company became James Tangye and Bros, and they began manufacturing hydraulic equipment, including lifting jacks.

The company went on to design the hydraulic systems for the UK’s first funicular cliff railway in Scarborough, and their tools were used in the construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Richard Tangye was knighted in 1894, a fitting award for someone who did so much, and who’s legacy lives on today.

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