Worlifts specialise in the supply and in-service support of all lifting equipment and associated lifting gear and crane rigging accessories.

We offer our customers the world's leading brands, this will give you the confidence that all lifting items supplied will be fully certified to the current standard and will be fit for task.

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Worlifts Bolting Services

Worlifts Limited, established in 1976 has over 35 years of expertise in delivering hydraulic, powered and manual bolting products and solutions to all industry sectors and specialises in the provision of ON-Site services with the utilisation of dedicated on-site examination, on-site calibration and on-site testing vehicles. Ebt Battery Tools Highest quality bolted together with excellent…

On-site certification and testing from Worlifts

With the squeeze on costs and a need to be ever more efficient with everything we do, the requirement for business to keep going, whatever service they provide, is more important now than ever before. Any time a tool is out of service for whatever reason, costs are increasing and revenue is being lost. However,…

Understanding the symptoms of heat stress and its effect on safety

Summer in the UK is on its way, and it looks like over the next few days the country will be basking in temperatures of up to 30 degrees. While this is great news for tourism, and no doubt the beach resorts will be selling out of ice creams, for some of us, it can…

Need to test your lifting equipment? Got limited space?

Legislation of lifting equipment has become far more stringent, and so old-style testing equipment just doesn’t cut it anymore, which is why we’ve upgraded all of our equipment. Our new dynamic lifting equipment test machines were designed for these new tests, and they’re ready to test your lifting equipment. As lifting engineers ourselves, we’re always…

Hydraulic Servicing & Repair From Worlifts

Hydraulic lifting equipment needs a regular maintenance schedule to ensure it’s always safe to operate, and it’s essential that all companies using such equipment keep it in top condition. However, sometimes there’s a problem, and a routine check and highlight issues which means the equipment cannot be used. This causes delays, which will inevitably lead…

Our range of equipment for the rail industry

As you hopefully know, we’ve just had a really successful time at Railtex 2017, and in a few weeks we’ll also be at Rail Live – busy times! However, it’s worth explaining a little bit more about the services and products we offer to the rail industry, so here’s a run down. Permanent Way We…

Worlifts celebrates 20th anniversary as Enerpac distributor

Lifting and industrial tools supplier, Worlifts, has recently celebrated 20 years as an Enerpac industrial tools distributor.  The company is now Enerpac’s flagship distributor and service centre in the UK, offering hydraulic lifting and jacking equipment, rail jacks, torque wrenches and bolting tools together with focused on-site services and asset management for a growing number of…

A look at Tangye History

Very often we can forget that much of the technology we use today had some pretty important beginnings, and being close to Birmingham, arguably the heart of the industrial revolution, there can be a lot to uncover. This weekend was such a time when I realised that a company Worlifts have dealt with for decades…

Training from Worlifts – Hydraulic & Lifting Equipment Safety

Health and safety isn’t just a buzzword and a set of boxes to tick, it’s an incredibly important part of your company’s procedures and it’s essential all staff understand it. Although it’s often spoken of in disparaging terms, with people blaming Health & Safety for stringent rules and regulations and often spoiling people’s fun, it’s…

Why it’s important to test your hydraulic equipment regularly

Worlifts has a long history of providing services to the lifting trade, having started out pre-1976 as Worley Hydraulics. In short, this means that unlike many companies who only work with manual lifting equipment, we have decades of experience in hydraulics. Hydraulics can be complex, and also dangerous if not maintained properly and serviced regularly,…

How should lifting equipment be marked to indicate safe working loads?

Lifting equipment and all accessories, must have clear markings indicating their safe working loads, or “SWL”. You’ve no doubt seen this indication on the side of any equipment that’s used to lift anything, including people. In the case of people, it should in fact also show how many people can be lifted. You’ll likely see…

Hydraulic Lifting Equipment – What to consider for safety

Hydraulic systems are everywhere around us, and it’s no surprise, as a tool for lifting heavy loads or applying pressure, they’re efficient and powerful. Due to the basic rule of Pascal’s Principle, they allow a small force to be multiplied into a much larger one, making it a breeze to lift heavy objects or operate…