Need to test your lifting equipment? Got limited space?

Legislation of lifting equipment has become far more stringent, and so old-style testing equipment just doesn't cut it anymore, which is why we've upgraded all of our equipment.

Our new dynamic lifting equipment test machines were designed for these new tests, and they're ready to test your lifting equipment.

As lifting engineers ourselves, we're always looking for the best equipment for the job, and we were fond of our "nodding donkey" type test machine. However, it took up a huge amount of workshop space.

Not only that, it needed additional test weight in some cases, so we had to look for something else.

Our new equipment does everything we need, in a smaller space, and without any additional requirements.

samson rigging

They also come complete with high pressure hydraulic technology and modern load measuring equipment.

If you need to test your equipment, then we can supply the following:

10 tonne & 25 tonne, Model : SAM-10-TRD & SAM-25-TRD
10 tonne & 25 tonne, Model : SAM-10-CTRD & SAM-25-CTRD
500 KGs & 1250 KGs, Model : SAM-500-LLT & SAM-1250-LLT

All rigs come with full documentation, calibration certificate and training to make sure you get the best out of it straight away, and can use it safely and effectively.

If you'd like to know more, give us a call today!