On-site certification and testing from Worlifts

With the squeeze on costs and a need to be ever more efficient with everything we do, the requirement for business to keep going, whatever service they provide, is more important now than ever before.

Any time a tool is out of service for whatever reason, costs are increasing and revenue is being lost.

However, these same tools need to be maintained to high standards and it's critical that corners are not cut.

If a tool becomes dangerous to use, or isn't calibrated correctly, then the repercussions could be much worse.

So how do you strike a balance?

How can you ensure your equipment is working well, calibrated to exacting tolerances and safe to use without sending them away?

Well, you can take advantage of Worlifts on-site calibration, testing and certification services!

What it involves

This on-site service is carried out by fully trained engineers utilising dedicated examination, testing and calibration vehicles. These vehicles are stocked with a comprehensive range of spare parts allowing on-site minor repairs and full service to be carried out, saving the customer valuable tool down time incurred by tools being removed from site.

Worlifts having working in partnership with Enerpac and Norbar for many years, and can offer a full range of services to the bolting industry.

What do you get?

  • Immediate Traceable Certification
  • Minimise Workflow Disruption
  • Reduce Tooling Downtime
  • Know Your Upfront Costs
  • Application Assistance
  • Risk Reduction

So book your calibration or test today!