Hydraulic Servicing & Repair From Worlifts

Hydraulic lifting equipment needs a regular maintenance schedule to ensure it’s always safe to operate, and it’s essential that all companies using such equipment keep it in top condition.

However, sometimes there’s a problem, and a routine check and highlight issues which means the equipment cannot be used. This causes delays, which will inevitably lead to costs.

Having to hire or buy equipment at short notice isn’t an ideal situation, but even with the best will in the world, things go wrong.

That’s when you need to consider a repair.

Worlifts has the equipment and expertise to ensure your company runs smoothly.

We have fully equipped workshops so any tools that need maintenance can be brought in and repaired quickly and cost effectively, but sometimes we may need to come to you.

That’s where our on-site vans can help.

For up to ten-ton applications, our on-site testing and examination equipment can come out to your site, reducing downtime and making sure any delays are kept to a minimum.

So if you have hydraulic lifting equipment that needs maintenance, servicing or repair, or need essential training in maintenance and use, give Worlifts a call today!