Why it’s important to test your hydraulic equipment regularly

Worlifts has a long history of providing services to the lifting trade, having started out pre-1976 as Worley Hydraulics.

In short, this means that unlike many companies who only work with manual lifting equipment, we have decades of experience in hydraulics.

Hydraulics can be complex, and also dangerous if not maintained properly and serviced regularly, it also needs competent operation and so training is absolutely essential.

LOLER and PUWER legislation make it absolutely clear that all hydraulic equipment, including tools, cylinders and jacks must be thoroughly examined by a competent person.

Not only that, all information, tests and issues should be documented and available for examination.

This isn't just some red tape that needs to be followed to get the right tick in a box, it's actually an extremely important safety issue. People's lives could be at risk, so the employer and employee need to ensure all equipment is safe.

Obviously, training staff in the processes of testing and documenting can be expensive, and having a training centre in-house is very often not a very cost-effective route to take.

That's where Worlifts can help.

Our On-Site high pressure hydraulic tool testing means we can come to your premises and do full inspections of tools, jacks and cylinders at a fraction of the cost of most other solutions.

Not only that, we can provide full operator training, both on-site and at our training centre to ensure your staff are always operating machinery safely.

So, give us a call today and find out how we can help you keep your equipment running efficiently and your staff safe.