Worlifts specialise in the supply and in-service support of all lifting equipment and associated lifting gear and crane rigging accessories.

We offer our customers the world's leading brands, this will give you the confidence that all lifting items supplied will be fully certified to the current standard and will be fit for task.

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Hydraulic Equipment – Should I Buy or Should I Hire?

There are many occasions when an organisation may need the power of hydraulic equipment, but can’t justify the cost of buying it. It’s not surprising, hydraulic bolting and lifting equipment is incredibly efficient and can be used for some of the most demanding roles, but it also comes with a need for training, maintenance and…

Is it OK to buy second hand lifting equipment?

When you’re in the market for lifting equipment, you can sometimes be tempted to look at the second hand market to find what you need, simply to keep costs down. Equipment used for lifting is often expensive, and for good reason. There are huge safety issues around the lifting of heavy plant, people and other…

Are you ready to trade in your old hydraulics?

A few months ago, we joined with Enerpac to offer you a fantastic deal on brand new hydraulics. And now we’re doing it again! If you have old hydraulic kit which has seen better days, then don’t risk your safety, simply trade it in for brand new Enerpac equipment, and get a great discount!  …

HSE Health and Safety Statistics Are Sobering Reading

Every year the Health and Safety Executive release their statistics which show, among other things, the number of injuries in the workplace and the the amount of days lost. For us at Worlifts, this is an important document, because our work is probably some of the most dangerous anyone could undertake. We deal with customers…

Power Box – Applicable Anywhere

In conjunction with Enerpac, Worlifts is pleased to offer a huge 20% discount on Power Box. As part of this promotion, you get the P392 hand pump, GA45GC gauge and adaptor, HC7206C 1.8 meter hose and a box to keep them all in. You can then compliment your set with your choice of cylinder, wedge…

Do you even lift?

Have a go at our PowerLift Challenge and you have a chance of winning our special birthday goody bag! Click below to play the game, then submit your best score to have a chance of winning!  

Worlifts – 40 Years of Excellence!

On the 18th October, just a few months before his 60th birthday, Sam Worley founded Worlifts and since that day, the company has been supplying lifting and associated equipment across all sectors of industry. The company began as a manufacturer of hydraulic jacking equipment, but competition arrived with the increase in imported products, and so…

Power Box – Deal Now Available

20% discount on portable tool sets The Power Box is a convenient storage box that contains a hydraulic tool, a lightweight hand pump with angled gauge adaptor assembly and a safety hose. Enerpac have extended the Power Box set range to 12 different configurations. NEW: Set with Lifting Wedge LW-16. 16 Ton Lifting Force 10…

Lifting and Manual Handling – Important Factors about Safety and The Law

When lowering and raising loads, as well as pushing, pulling and carrying, the risk of injuries is affected by a number of factors including: The weight of the object(s). How far the objects are carried. Any height difference when the objects are picked up and put down. The frequency of these lifting tasks or operations.…

What Is HAVS and How Does It Affect People?

Hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) is a condition caused by repeated use of a vibrating machine that is in some way held while in operation. HAVS is caused by the vibrations of machinery causing damage to nerves and blood vessels in the hand. The syndrome, which has been previously known as vibration white finger (VWF), increases…

Solutions for the Renewable Energy Markets – On-Site Support When You Need It

Clean power is big business at the moment, and it’s no surprise. With climate change looking like it’s going to create more extreme weather such as hotter summers and wetter winters, governments are investing a lot in renewable energy. One of the largest growth areas at the moment is wind energy, and that means a…