Hydraulic Equipment – Should I Buy or Should I Hire?

There are many occasions when an organisation may need the power of hydraulic equipment, but can't justify the cost of buying it.
It's not surprising, hydraulic bolting and lifting equipment is incredibly efficient and can be used for some of the most demanding roles, but it also comes with a need for training, maintenance and regular servicing.
Besides the cost of the equipment itself, all of these additional costs add up, and if you're just looking to service one particular job, it can be hard to justify.
That's why Worlifts created "HydraHire".
We provide hydraulic equipment from the market leaders, 100% and ready to use, fully safety checked, inspected and maintained.
This cost effective service means you don't have to purchase equipment that you don't need all the time, just hire it in when you need it.
And what's more, you can currently get 40% off list price, making it even more affordable!
So, if the cost of buying equipment has been putting you off going for that contract, or you've been tempted to buy second hand that might not be fully inspected, give us a call today!