Worlifts specialise in the supply and in-service support of all lifting equipment and associated lifting gear and crane rigging accessories.

We offer our customers the world's leading brands, this will give you the confidence that all lifting items supplied will be fully certified to the current standard and will be fit for task.

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Norbar launch Industrial 2R & 2AR Torque Wrenches

Norbar, one of the leading manufacturers of torque tools in the world, has just released two great new products – the 2R & 2AR Industrial Torque Wrenches. Inspired by the 3AR – 6R range, these smaller wrenches are robust, yet incredibly simple to operate with a profiled cam and reaction plate providing a much clearer…

Lifting Equipment Safety – What Are My Obligations?

We’ve covered the technical aspects of LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998) in another blog, but there might still be some nagging doubts about what exactly covered by the regulations, and what you, as an employer, need to do in order to ensure you comply. Of course, it’s not just a matter of…

Tange Hydraulic Jacks – Supply and Maintenance from the Experts

Tangye Hydraulic Jacks have been a part of Worlifts range since we started stocking them in the 1970s, and their quality and performance is second to none. As an authorised Tangye Repair Centre, you can also be sure that equipment, whether supplied by us or otherwise, can be repaired and maintained to the highest of…

There’s not much time left to upgrade to Enerpac Hydraulics!

A few months ago, we joined with Enerpac to offer you a fantastic deal on brand new hydraulics. And now we’re doing it again! If you have old hydraulic kit which has seen better days, then don’t risk your safety, simply trade it in for brand new Enerpac equipment, and get a great discount! The…

Enerpac Hydraulic Bolting Tools – The Best Service from Worlifts

Whatever your industry, and whatever your bolting needs, Enerpac have the right tools for the right application, and here at Worlifts, we have the expertise and experience to ensure you get the best advice. Ensuring joint integrity is absolutely key, and Enerpac’s tools can give you the confidence you need in the most challenging environments.…

Hydraulics v Pneumatics – Infographic

Following on from our blog post showing the difference between Pneumatic and hydraulic systems, we spruced up the graphics to explain it a little clearer. Thanks for Mrs. Jones at Brindley Junior School for the inspiration for this, it will be used in class!

Health and Safety: Working in cold weather

Working in hot weather brings with it a whole host of problems when the heat may tempt some people to cast away thick, protective clothing and perform their duties wearing nothing but shorts and a smile. Cold weather is not so much a problem, as safety equipment is generally very thick, and when put on…

Norbar & Worlifts – your partners in torque tooling

Worlifts are proud to supply Norbar equipment for all of your torque tool needs, but what makes Norbar so good, and why are they leaders in torque technology? Electronic torque tools are available from a wide range of companies, and you can obviously shop around to find the best deals, with some being available for…

Enerpac – a rich history in hydraulics

Worlifts is proud to offer and support Enerpac equipment, but did you realise that Enerpac has a rich history, going back to the Model T Ford? It’s now a market leader in the supply of high pressure hydraulic tools, however, way back in 1910, it produced water pumps for Ford’s Model T. Enerpac are therefore…

Brexit and Health and Safety Law – Will Anything Change?

The vote to leave the European Union on the 23rd of June has sent shockwaves through Britain and the rest of the world, and it seems that some sort of Brexit is going to happen. Quite what that will look like is anyone’s guess at the moment, but it is certain to mean that areas…

Enerpac Bolting Service – The Complete Mobile Solution from Worlifts

When it comes to bolting, one brand is way ahead of all the others – Enerpac. For the controlled, safe and efficient loosening and tightening of bolted joints, pipe alignment, complex pipe positioning of large structural assemblies and many other jobs, you need to make sure your tools are up to the job. Enerpac has…