Norbar & Worlifts – your partners in torque tooling

Worlifts are proud to supply Norbar equipment for all of your torque tool needs, but what makes Norbar so good, and why are they leaders in torque technology?

Electronic torque tools are available from a wide range of companies, and you can obviously shop around to find the best deals, with some being available for very low costs.

However, at Worlifts, we're not happy to sell just anything to our clients.

We want to ensure that the products we provide are accurate, safe and fit for the job expected of them, which is why, when it comes to torque tools, we always recommend Norbar.

Their attention to detail and investment in new technology means they're always ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest applications.

For example, the difference between soft joint and hard join applications can mean that some electronic torque tools give vastly different results. However, Norbar's tools have intelligent joint sensing which eliminates these problems, giving you more confidence in your bolting work.

torque soft hard


Technology like this doesn't just happen over night, and it's because of Norbar's rich history that they are able to provide the experience, skills and research to ensure they are always at the cutting edge of torque tool technology.

In 1942, the company was born as the "North Bar Tool Company". It was the first company in Britain to commercially manufacture torque wrenches, initially to help with the manufacture of the Rolls Royce Merlin engines.

They have continued to develop their equipment and service offerings as demand for more accurate and advanced tools has grown.

From manual torque wrenches through to EvoTorque - the most accurate and user friendly electronic torque tool ever - Norbar is the tool of choice for all your bolting needs.

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