Tange Hydraulic Jacks – Supply and Maintenance from the Experts

Tangye Hydraulic Jacks have been a part of Worlifts range since we started stocking them in the 1970s, and their quality and performance is second to none.

As an authorised Tangye Repair Centre, you can also be sure that equipment, whether supplied by us or otherwise, can be repaired and maintained to the highest of standards by some of the most experienced and skilled engineers in the business.

Our range of jacks include:

Lightweight Aluminium Hydralite Jacks

Tangye Hydraulic Jacks

Using lightweight but high strength aluminium, Hydralite jacks are extremely portable yet capable jacks that are ideal for all kinds of applications and weights.

Tangye Claw Jacks

Tangye Claw jacks

With a lift of 178mm and a powerful five tonne capacity on head or toe, Hydraclaw from Tangye is ideal.

Lifting and lowering is controlled smoothly by the operating lever, and the positive stop feature prevents over-stroking, while the pressure relief valve prevents overloading.

Built from steel, these jacks can take rough treatment, and still perform.

And many more...

Worlifts can supply and maintain the entire range of Tangye equipment, and you can read more about them here:


Or, contact us and we'll help you find the best equipment for your requirements.