Solutions for the Renewable Energy Markets – On-Site Support When You Need It

Clean power is big business at the moment, and it's no surprise.

With climate change looking like it's going to create more extreme weather such as hotter summers and wetter winters, governments are investing a lot in renewable energy. One of the largest growth areas at the moment is wind energy, and that means a growing need for support and maintenance.

Worlifts is here to help.

With the new range of tools from Norbar, especially the Evotorque2 which gives incredible accuracy and performance, even when out in the field and even if power quality is poor, makes on-site maintenance more efficient and easier than ever.

On-Site Testing, Calibration & Certification

Of course, you'll also need to test and calibrate your tools, and Worlifts can be wherever you are to ensure the equipment you're using is accurate and safe.

Our mobile service is delivered by fully competent bolting engineers, and our vehicles are equipped with the very latest technology and machinery.

The benefits of on-site testing is clear when considering the amount of time that can be wasted sending equipment away. Downtime costs money, and keeping costs down is a priority for all business.

If you're working to a deadline and suddenly a tool stops working, you need to call someone in straight away so you can get back up and running in the shortest possible time.

Of course, you could hope that your backup equipment is fully calibrated and tested and use that, or you could call Worlifts, and we'll be there to ensure a technical fault doesn't result in wasted time and therefore lost money.