HSE Health and Safety Statistics Are Sobering Reading

Every year the Health and Safety Executive release their statistics which show, among other things, the number of injuries in the workplace and the the amount of days lost.

For us at Worlifts, this is an important document, because our work is probably some of the most dangerous anyone could undertake. We deal with customers on large construction sites, using heavy machinery and complex hydraulics.

If any part of a hydraulic system fails, it could mean serious injury or even death, so we take safety extremely seriously.

So what do the stats say?

Well, 1.3 million people in the UK are currently suffering from a work related illness, which is over 5% of the entire workforce.

This contributes to costs of 14.1 billion pounds to the economy. That's an astonishing amount.

Of course, loss of life is even more tragic, and 144 people were killed at work in the past year. That's slightly up on last year, so it makes you wonder if the lessons aren't being learned.

When you see the rulings against employers for health and safety failures, you soon come to the conclusion that the message isn't getting through.

Health and Safety isn't a joke, it's an important aspect of every company, and one that should be taken seriously by all.

Worlifts are committed to ensuring all of our equipment is well maintained, serviced regularly and safe. We also have a commitment to staff training.

If you operate heavy machinery, hydraulics or lifting equipment, it's essential your staff are thoroughly trained, and Worlifts are your perfect partner.

Contact us to see how we can ensure the safety of your staff today.