Our range of equipment for the rail industry

As you hopefully know, we've just had a really successful time at Railtex 2017, and in a few weeks we'll also be at Rail Live - busy times!

However, it's worth explaining a little bit more about the services and products we offer to the rail industry, so here's a run down.

Permanent Way

We have a number of track jacks, hand tools and rail stressing equipment available for P-way applications.


We have a huge range of products from Simplex, Stumec, Victory and others, meaning we can supply just what you need, for whatever application. And of course, these are all backed up with out on-site training so we can also give you all the knowledge necessary to make sure you're using all the equipment safely.

But we also offer the basics.

Our range of hand tools, from shovels to keying hammers means your staff can have the very best equipment to hand, exactly when they need them.

And of course, or a wide range of rail stressing equipment is always at hand.

We also carry stocks of replacement OEM parts and can provide a comprehensive repair, refurbish and test service at our workshops or inspection and test on-site using our unique mobile units.

Overhead Line Equipment

To complement our range of standard lifting equipment, Worlifts are an established supplier of quality lightweight equipment for use in installation and maintenance of all types of catenary systems.

We stock lever hoists, pull lifts, Bowthorpe Equipment, and a whole range of equipment to run out and tension all types of overhead line systems.

These are used in conjunction with fabric slings, shackles and lifting products such as Lever Hoists and Tirfor Machines.

Of course, if you're working overhead lines, you'll need height safety equipment, and we are well equipped to make sure your staff are always safe.

Our fall arrest devices are designed to be attached to a harness to protect the user in a fall situation and arrest it in a controlled manner.

We stock a whole range of products that are designed to make your job easier, safer and more productive.

So give us a call today!