Runway Beams and Simply Supported Crane Structures

The 'SAMSON' range of cranes from Worlifts are designed and manufactured to meet and exceed all current crane related lifting equipment regulations.

Our services include supply of overhead cranes, installation of overhead cranes, examination, testing & commissioning. The design and manufacture of basic crane systems still play a key role in aiding lifting operations throughout the UK today..

Standard items from the range generally are:

  • Simply Supported Crane Structures
  • Overhead Travelling Cranes (EOTC)
  • Material Handling Process Cranes

Site surveys and project visits are generally a must for these items, Worlifts are available to visit your site assess the lifting operation and offer you the correct solution. Our in-house design team are capable of producing the relevant supporting technical drawings and documentation for all items of bespoke manufactured lifting equipment and accessories.

Worlifts can also if requested manufacture to customers drawings, carry out proof load testing of installed equipment and modernise and or refurbish existing fabrications.

Runway Beams