Tangye Hydraulic Jacks

Worlifts are the UK's foremost Tangye hydraulic jack supplier and distributor, an authorised Tangye Repair Centre & stockists of the full range of Tangye jacks.

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These includes:

  • Lightweight aluminium hydralite jacks
  • Tangye hydraulic claw and toe jacks
  • Multi-fluid hydraulic hand pumps.

Worlifts' association with Tangye goes back over 70 years to the late 1930's when Samuel Worley, the founder of Worlifts Limited, joined Tangye as an apprentice and stayed with the company for over 27 years.

Tangye Authorised Distributors and Service Centre.

In the late 1970's, Worlifts were appointed distributors for Tangye Hydraulic jacks and the relationship has grown stronger and stronger through the years and Worlifts are now one of Tangye's largest authorised distributors and authorised repair agents for the range of hydralite jacks, hydramite jacks, hydraclaw jacks, hydrapak pumps and bottle jacks.

Tangye is renowned throughout the world for engineering expertise and quality. Tangye jacks are well known for quality, strength and durability. For every lifting & jacking application, there is a Tangye jack, whether it be the hydramite, hydralite or hydraclaw.

Tangye Hydraulic Jacks Montage
Tangye Hydramite Jack sq

Tangye Hydramite Jack

Tangye Hydramite Jack A Tangye Hydramite jack is the ideal portable tool for lifting heavy loads. Features: Powerful ...
Tangye Hydraclaw Jack sq

Tangye Hydraclaw Jack

Tangye Hydraclaw Jack Tangye's only all steel jack, Hydraclaw's construction makes it ideal formining engineers tackling heavy lifts ...
Hydralite Plain Base Jack sq

Tangye Hydralite Plain Base Jack

Tangye Hydralite Plain Base Jack Features: Portable - Extensive use of high strength aluminium alloys minimises jack weight ...
Tangye Hydralite Jack sq

Tangye Hydralite Claw Jack

Tangye Hydralite Claw Jack A range of lightweight jacks designed to lift, lower, manoeuvre and position  heavy loads ...
Tangye Hydralite Screwed Ram Jack sq

Tangye Hydralite Screwed Ram Jack

  A range of lightweight jacks designed to lift, lower, manoeuvre and position  heavy loads with maximum safety. ...
handles seals

Handles and Seals

Handles and Seals Tangye Jack Operating Levers and Handles Jack operating handles for use with jacks such as ...