Enerpac ZC Battery Rail Stressor Pump

Lightweight design without sacrifice to performance

The Enerpac ZC pump is a Network Rail Approved lightweight hydraulic pump which enables operation of rail stressors which operate at the same pressure. Fitted with standard flat face couplers, this unit is the first of its kind which utilises lithium-ion technology to provide a high-performance product with zero emissions.

Quietest Rail Stressor Pump Available

The RP is fitted with a Briggs & Stratton brushless motor which combined with the top quality Enerpac hydraulic system provides the most reliable and quietest pump on the market. The unit is over 30% lighter than existing petrol units which massively helps with ergonomics and transport to site without the need to carry petrol fuel.

The pump is supplied with two 82v 4Ah batteries and charger which charges each battery in as little as 60 minutes and when used with the new Enerpac RP rail stressor, provides the lightest powered stressing system available to the industry.

Enerpac ZC Battery Rail Stressor Pump Key Features

  • High Performance with Zero Emissions
  • Lithium-ion Battery Drive Unit
  • 82v 4Ah Lithium-ion Batteries
  • 60-minute Fast Charge (Per Battery)
  • Reduced Noise Level – Below 80 dB
  • Lightweight design, Total Weight – 35kg
  • Fitted with Standard Flat Face Couplers

Optional Extras

  • Side Protection Kit
  • Battery & Charger Storage Case

Enerpac ZC Battery Rail Stressor Pump

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