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Worlifts can supply a wide variety of products for the lifting, transporting and inspection of rail, points and crossing components.

We can also provide bespoke lifting beams fitted with clamps, strops or chains to suit individual requirements.

Rail Handling Featured

Camlok CR1000 Rail Lifting Clamp

This proven design of clamp is designed to lift a wide range of rail profiles securely and safely.

Stock Code WRC/101
Capacity 1000kg
Weight 13kg
Universal Clamp

Universal Rail Lifting Clamp

A simple but robust lifting clamp fitted with a manual positive locking action.

Stock Code WRC/104
Capacity 1500kg
Weight 7kg
Yale D85 Pullift

Yale D85 Pullift

The only lever hoist recommended for use with Permaquip Ironman.

The only lever hoist recommended for use with Permaquip Ironman, used with Camlok CR1000 or Universal Rail Clamps for lifting and transporting lengths of rail. The Bottom hook of the hoist is removed to be attached to the Universal Clamp and fitted with an adaptor to be attached to CR1000.

Stock Code WLH/101
Capacity 1500kg
Weight 16.3kg
Rail Pulling Shoe

Rail Pulling Shoe

Used to pull lengths of rail up to 180m (600 ft) over the ballast bed.

The Shoe clamps on to the foot of the rail preventing damage to the web and running surface. Suitable for 113A and UI60 rails.

Stock Code:
Capacity 180m
Weight 37.5kg
Rail Lifting Beam1

Rail Handling Beams

Rail handling beams are available in various configurations to allow the lifting of single and multiple lengths of rail.

To allow use under OHL, these beams are manufactured with a central lifting eye but can be supplied with smaller eyes at each end to allow a double leg chain sling to be fitted. These beams are usually fitted with Camlok CR1000 rail clamps and are attached to the beam with a short chain assembly.

Single Rail Lifting Beams

Stock Code: WRC/201
Length: 3.5m Lifting Beam
Capacity: Lifts up to 9.1m (30ft) of rail section.  Can be supplied with or without rail lifting clamps.
Length: 7.5m Lifting Beam
Stock Code: WRC/202
Capacity: Lifts up to 18.3m (60ft) of rail section.  Can be supplied with or without rail lifting clamps.
Pal Turn 2


Designed to turn heavy and bulky loads safely and with little effort.

The illustration shows two Pal-Turns being used to examine both top and underside of a rail crossing during a refurbishment process.

The Range Includes:

Stock Code:
Capacity: 1 to 20t
Length: Customised length
Cordless model