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A range of beams in various configurations to facilitate the lifting and transportation of sleepers on site or in storage yards.

These beams are used in conjunction with Road Rail Vehicles, Forklift Trucks or Cranes for transporting or stocking sleepers as well as laying sleepers at the correct spacing during track renewal processes. Beams can be fitted with standard Pandrol E Clip hook or Fastclip plate dropper chains.

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Sleeper Lifting Beams

Our beams can be used to lift wooden, steel and concrete sleepers fitted with Pandrol E Clip and Fastclip housings.

Stoke Code Item Weight
WSB/101 4 Sleeper Loading Beam 25kg
WSB/202 7 Sleeper Load/Laying Beam 47.5kg
WSB/203 7 Sleeper Multi Point Laying Beam 58kg

Sleeper Beam Dropper Chains

Used in conjunction with our beams, these are fitted with a hook or plate to fit the housing on the sleeper.

Stoke Code Item Weight
WPH/201 26 Link Dropper Chain f/w Right Hand Pandrol Lifting Hook 2.6kg
WPH/202 26 Link Dropper Chain f/w Left Hand Pandrol Lifting Hook 2.6kg
WFC/201 26 Link Dropper Chain f/w Fastclip Lifting Plate 3.0kg