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A large range of products to provide solutions to many manual handling problems within rolling stock maintenance depots and workshops.

Manual Handling Featured
Pallet Trucks

Hand Pallet Trucks

Capacities up to 5 tonne
Fork widths from 470mm to 850mm
Maintenance free wheel bearings
Fork lengths from 940mm to 1220mm
Options include: Parking Brake, Weigh Scales, Low height forks
High Lift Pallet Trucks

High Lift Pallet Trucks

1 tonne capacity
Lift height 800mm
Lowered height 85mm
Fork width 540mm
Fork length 1150mm
Trolley Lifts

Trolley Lifts

Capacity 400kg 
Lift Heights 850mm to 1200mm 
Platform width 550mm
Platform Length 650mm
Scissor Lift Tables

Scissor Lift Tables

Capacities up to 750kg
Lift heights 720mm to 1330mm
Platform widths 450mm to 510mm
Platform lengths 700mm to 1000mm
Closed heights 220mm to 420mm
Hydraulic Hand Stackers

Hydraulic Hand Stackers

Capacities 500kg & 1000kg
Lift heights 900mm & 1600mm
Fork width 570mm
Fork lengths 1150mm & 1122mm
Electric Pallet Trucks

Electric Pallet Trucks

Capacities 1500kg & 2200kg
Fork Width from 520mm to 560mm
Stroke 115 & 120mm
Travel Speed with Load 4.2km/h to 5.8km/h
Weight with Battery 165kg to 525kg