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Worlifts are the Sole UK agents for Hegenscheidt-MFD Re-Railing equipment and associated products.

Hegenscheidt-MFD jacks, or MFD jacks as they are widely known, are a double acting hydraulic re-railing system that is internationally to re-rail and lift all types of rail vehicles and rolling stock.

The system is lightweight, robust, reliable and very safe and can be operated by one person via a control unit situated away from any potentially hazardous areas.

MFD Rerailing Featured
Th30 3

The New TH-30 Lifting Jack Series

This latest design has seen up to a 20% reduction in weight compared to the previous range, providing easier handling and positioning, and reducing fatigue of the user. This series of jacks has an integrated base plate for greater stability and can be used on an incline of up to 6 degrees. Although lighter, these jacks are very robust and durable which significantly reduces maintenance costs.


TH-30 400 Series Jacks

Part No 04-1042 TH-30 04-2042 TH-30
Closed Height 250mm 450mm
No of Pistons 2 2
Total Stroke 220mm 589mm
Stroke 1 116mm 299mm
Stroke 2 104mm 290mm
Effective Force 1 429kN 429kN
Effective Force 2 191kN 191kN
Oil Capacity 2.4L 6.2L
Bottom Flange Dia 295mm 295mm
Weight 27kg 38.7kg
Th30 1

TH-30 600 Series Jacks

Part No 04-1062 TH-30 04-2062 TH-30
Closed Height 250mm 425mm
No of Pistons 2 2
Total Stroke 195mm 500mm
Stroke 1 103mm 250mm
Stroke 2 92mm 250mm
Effective Force 1 641kN 641kN
Effective Force 2 312kN 312kN
Oil Capacity 3.3L 8.1L
Bottom Flange Dia 295mm 295mm
Weight 33kg 46.6kg
Th30 2

TH-30 1200 Series Jacks

Part No 04-1122 TH-30 04-2122 TH-30
Closed Height 250mm 420mm
No of Pistons 2 2
Total Stroke 188mm 500mm
Stroke 1 95mm 250mm
Stroke 2 93mm 250mm
Effective Force 1 1246kN 1246kN
Effective Force 2 642kN 642kN
Oil Capacity 6L 16L
Bottom Flange Dia 375mm 75mm
Weight 53.2kg 76.7kg
Pump Units New

Pump Units

These pump units combine the latest technology and are easily transported. Equipped with modern petrol engines or electric motors they provide superior power for fast and safe operation with lifting or pushing jacks.

Petrol Engine Electric Motor
Part No 02-400 02-800
Power 8.1kW 5.5kW
Output 10.8L per min 8.5L per min
Oil Capacity 70L 80L
Useable Oil Capacity 63L 63L
Length 825mm 825mm
Width 470mm 470mm
Height 854mm 854mm
Weight (Exc Oil) 87kg 113kg
Control Unit

Control Unit

The latest control unit is compact and operates using a removable tripod which is adjustable in height and can be folded for easy and space-saving transportation and storage.

It is now possible to carry out synchronised lifting with just one lever which improves safety during the re-railing operation.

The control unit can operate up to 4 individual lifting or traversing jacks.

Part No 03-2004
Hydraulic Connections 4
Jack Operation Levers 4
Length 407mm
Width 241mm
Height 360mm
Weight 25kg


Part No 03-9001
Height 656mm - 900mm
Weight 14kg
Displacing Jack

Equipment for Lateral Displacement

Once the derailed vehicle has been lifted, lateral displacement equipment is used to traverse it precisely till its aligned with the track before being lowered back into the correct position.

Displacing Jack

The displacing jack is used to push or pull the load along the re-railing bridge with a roller carriage. It has a pushing force of 120kN and pulling force of 60kN

Part No 05-0011
Closed Height 575mm
Stroke 350mm
Pushing Force 120kN
Pulling Force 60Kn
Oil Capacity 1.5L
Weight 16kg
Distance Bars

Distance Bars

Distance Bars are used to couple two roller carriages together during the traversing process, pushing or pulling.

Part No 05-5001 05-5002
Minimum Length 1023mm 1046mm
Maximum Length 1904mm 2645mm
Weight 20kg 24kg
Re Railing Bridges

Re-railing Bridges

Re-railing Bridges are hollow extruded sections of high-strength light metal alloy. All bridges can be joined together with a steel coupling. Bridges are equipped with retractable handles to assist with positioning and transport, the top surface has drilled holes to accommodate the Countersupport and Displacing Jack.

Part No


Capacity - Fully
H x L x W
05-2450 600 1200 180 x 4500 x 280 175
05-2330 600 1200 180 x 3300 x 280 128
05-2225 600 1200 180 x 2250 x 280 88
05-2120 600 1200 180 x 1200 x 280 47
Bridge Coupler
Part No 05 - 2000
Weight 37.5kg
Note - Reduced height bridges are available with capacities of 100kN
Roller Carriages

Roller Carriages

Roller Carriages are used for traversing the load along the Re-railing Bridge. Rollers are fitted with maintenance-free bearings which permit easy lateral movement. Available with or without rotating and sliding plates which compensate for radial forces occurring when loads lifted at one end are being moved.

Each carriage is fitted with two pockets which allows displacing jacks, distance bars or stopping devise to be connected.

Part No 05-1015 05-1016 05-2061 05-2062 05-2121 05-2122
Maximum Load 150kN 150kN 600kN 600kN 1200kN 1200kN
Without Plate
With Plate
Height Without Plate 66mm 66mm 108mm 108mm 108mm 108mm
Height With Plate - 101mm - 140mm - 140mm
Weight 18kg 30kg 58kg 82kg 70kg 94kg
Lateral Displacement

Coming Soon

Hegenscheidt-MFD have developed the next generation of re-railing equipment which includes new designs of the lateral displacement products. The new rollers carriages can be locked in place to prevent the lifted load from any uncontrolled movement. The use of high tensile aluminium alloys has allowed a significant weight reduction.


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