On-Site Examination and Testing

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Unique to the UK Rail Industry, we developed a fleet of specialist on-site testing vehicles which are fully equipped with dynamic testing machines and load measuring equipment to carry out thorough examinations and tests on various items of rail specific small plant and lifting products.

With safety being paramount within the industry, this national service enables the client to ensure his equipment is inspected and tested to current statutory regulations and rail industry requirements with minimum disruption and down time.

All our engineers are fully competent and trained to test and repair all leading brands of plant and all equipment used to carry out the test procedures is traceable back to national standards.

Should faults be found during the test process, these can be rectified and minor repairs carried out as a number of common spares and consumables are stocked within the test vehicle.

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Key Features:

  • Equipment remains on site
  • Fast same day certification
  • On-line access to certification
  • Eliminates transport costs
  • No equipment downtime - reduces additional hire or purchase costs
  • Clear billing - known costs up front
  • Reduces CO2 emissions - less equipment movement

Equipment Certified:

  • Dynamic load testing of Mechanical Ratchet Jacks
  • Dynamic load testing of Hydraulic Jacks
  • Dynamic load testing of Stressing Cylinders
  • Dynamic load testing of Tirfor Winches & Pulling Machines
  • Static functional testing of Rail Clamps
  • Static functional testing of Bowthorpe Wedges & Bodies
  • Thorough Examination of Rail & Sleeper Lifting Beams
  • Thorough Examination of Height Safety Equipment
  • Thorough Examination of Loose Lifting Equipment
All equipment is assessed and a quotation provided free of charge and all repairs are covered by a comprehensive warranty.
Specific service and repair packages are available including fixed price schedules which can assist our customers in controlling their long term repair costs.
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