About Worlifts Rail & Utilities Division

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Worlifts-Rail is a specialist division of Worlifts Ltd and are dedicated to providing products and services to all aspects of the rail industry and infrastructure. As a company we have been supplying the rail network with equipment both directly and indirectly for over 40 years and due to increasing demand and continued industry focus, Worlifts-Rail was launched in 2001.

Permanent Way Equipment

We have a dedicated 'Rail' team that is forward thinking, enthusiastic and fully aware of the demands faced by working within the rail industry. We work closely with our clients to ensure they are supplied with the right equipment and services to enable them to complete their work correctly, on time and in line with current legislation.

We are proud to be partnered with all the leading brands of small plant and associated equipment along with our sole UK partnerships with leading worldwide rail plant and equipment manufacturers.

SOLE UK Agents for Hegenscheidt-MFD 'Light Metal Re-railing Systems'

We are proud to be the official recognised MFD distributor for the UK

For over 100 years Hegenscheidt-MFD has been partner of the rail industry. The acknowledged high quality of Hegenscheidt-MFD rail engineering rests on many years of unbroken close collaboration with the world’s leading railway organisations. Intensive dedication to the search for solutions to the problems of rail transportation meant that as early as 1926 re-railing equipment had been developed now forms the basis for re-railing technology throughout the UK infrastructure today.

Hegenscheidt-MFD rerailing equipment also uses the double-acting re-pressure system which has proved itself throughout the entire field of industrial hydraulics. This system makes it possible to lift, lower, push or pull with millimetre accuracy.

The individual components of Hegenscheidt-MFD rerailing technology have been matched to each other in their design, lifting height, load-bearing capacity and performance in such a way that they can be regarded as state of the art in the field of railway engineering.

The system has been designed so that, depending on how the components are put together, any rail vehicle (tram, subway or railway carriage, locomotive or traction unit, smelting plant vehicle and also the very heaviest transfer ladle car) can be up righted and re-railed.

Hegenscheidt-MFD applies the very highest safety requirements to the re-railing system. Ease of operation, simplicity in handling, robustness and stability under load underline this.

Our partnerships include:

  • Simplex - Ratchet Jacks, Trip Jacks, Track Jacks and Mechanical jacks
  • Enerpac - Track Jacks, Ratchets Jacks and Hydraulic Lifting and Maintenance Tools
  • Camlok - Rail Lifting Clamps and Rail Handling Equipment
  • Yale - Lifting and Pulling Equipment
  • William Hackett - Lifting Equipment
  • Hegenscheidt-MFD - Train and Rollingstock Re-Railing Systems
  • Nencki - Railway Depot & Workshop Equipment
  • Tangye - Lightweight Aluminium Jacks
  • Enerpac - High Pressure Hydraulic Workshop Tools
  • Enerpac Hydraulic Torque Wrenches and Bolting Tools
  • Tiger - Lifting Equipment
  • Norbar - Torque Tools
  • Tractel - Lifting & Load Measuring Equipment
  • SPX - Hydraulic Rail Stressing Pumps
  • Permaquip - Rail Maintenance Equipment

Service and Repair of:

  • Mechanical Track Jacks
  • Mechanical Trip Jacks
  • Hydraulic Track Jacks
  • Hydraulic Slewing Jacks
  • Rail Stressing Equipment
  • Rail Stressing Pumps
  • Small on Track Plant
  • Rail Lifting Equipment
  • Rail Handling Equipment
  • Manual Handling Equipment
  • Chain Lifting Slings
  • Ancillary Lifting and Rigging Equipment
  • Hydraulic Cylinders & Pumps
  • Rail Car Lifting Jacks
  • Maintenance Tools