LLT - Light Load Lifting Equipment Test Machines

The SAMSON LLT ‘Light Load Lifting Equipment Test Machines’

Designed and manufactured by Worlifts, this LLT machine is a simple cost effective solution to provide repetitive, accurate and safe testing procedures when carrying out ‘Light Load Tests’ to equipment braking mechanisms.

Machines incorporate either a fixed connection point or a hand winch (v2) which allows simple adjustment to the equipment test position and also the hand winch can be used to lift and position the lifting device, reducing manual handling.

LLT - Light Load Lifting Equipment Test Machines - 500 KG

Simple locking pins are utilised to quickly select the required test weight denomination from the integrated weight stack. This is generally 5% of the machine capacity as a rule of thumb.

  • Small Machine Footprint our ‘Zero Space’ design
  • Easily Set Up and Simple to Operate
  • Standardises your testing procedures
  • Low Maintenance

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