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Worlifts specialise in ON-Site testing of railway small plant, onsite hydraulic rail jack testing, on-site mechanical jack thorough examinations & onsite mobile testing of rail tools used throughout the infrastructure.

Our trading history spans over 40 years, est 1976. A dedicated rail division now operates and team members have in excess of over 100 years of combined experience, so you can be assured all small plant tested and certified is understood and safely managed in our hands.

What ‘Small Plant is usually examined, tested and certified?
Equipment for handling, lifting, lowering and positioning of track, stations and infrastructure. This includes track jacks, mechanical jacks, hydraulic jacks, hydraulic cylinders, hand pumps, hoses and attachments used for locating, fixing or supporting the equipment and also de-stressing and hydraulic stressing equipment, stressing power packs and CBX equipment.Equipment for carrying out electrification projects and overhead line work such as pullifts, pull-lifts, lever hoists, tirfor pulling machines, and associated rigging accessories.

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Our fleet of unique mobile ON-Site railway small plant examination and testing vehicles are fully equipped with the latest hydraulic dynamic calibrated load testing presses (160 tonne), variable hydraulic vertical test machines (10 tonne), compressive standard jack and trip jack test machines (25 tonne), calibrated pressure measuring equipment & high pressure hydraulic testing equipment (40,000 psi).

To conform to current LOLER, PUWER and statutory legislation your hydraulic equipment, hydraulic tools, hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic jacks, must be thoroughly examined by a competent person and all accompanying records recorded.

Worlifts will manage your plant inventory offering you piece of mind that your tools are fit for task and when tools are required for use they will be fully operational, reducing costly downtime!

Why would you switch to US?

The service has grown from strength to strength through all sectors of industry.

From small independent railway contractors to large tier 1 contractors concerns have been raised with the fact that although they were employing persons or companies to carry out regular onsite inspections and on site examinations of the full range of rail specific equipment, which obviously incorporates jacks and associated hydraulic accessories most companies were only capable of offering a 'visual examination' which serves no purpose with such items as mechanical jacks, hydraulic jacks, pan jacks, hydraulic cylinders and associated hydraulic maintenance equipment.

Our thorough examination, thorough inspection, statutory inspection of railway small plant and equipment includes dynamic testing of hydraulic cylinders through the full stroke at maximum capacity ensuring correct in use operation, hydraulic and mechanical jacks dependent on manufacturer are also dynamically tested, hydraulic pumps are pressure tested ensuring pressure relief valves are correctly operational and that the working pressure is held correctly, hydraulic hoses are also manufacturer date checked, pressure tested checking for potential defective hydraulic fittings and quick release couplings.

SAFETY in mind Statement!

Worlifts always recommend that a dynamic full stroke test is performed on all cylinders, hydraulic jacks and rail jacks if practical during an examination, inspection or following repair to confirm its functioning correctly. This type of test ensures the rail plant works correctly across its full stroke, this is even more essential when testing on-site as you may have no equipment history, making a dynamic test the only test that should be carried out.

Many companies can only perform a static pressure test to verify plant to be working correctly and leak free. This at best is performed at a single point in the bore but is normally performed by pressurising the item against its end stop or stop ring and in the case of mechanical jacks the jack is lifted and lowered under no load at all.

This part of the cylinder or jack is rarely used and so less prone to wear and damage and if there is no stop ring in the cylinder, this type of test cannot be performed. Even a single point test is only proving the cylinder has no damage/ is leak free at that point. There could be a major score or even a mushroomed section of bore elsewhere that would go completely unnoticed.

On a final note, visual inspections without operating the plant really tell the inspector very little. You cannot tell the condition of the internal working parts, a rail jack can be badly bashed from the outside and yet still work perfectly, while a brand new looking jack or cylinder may have been over pressurised or over loaded in its first operation causing the bore to be distorted, both of these conditions can only be 100% be verified by dynamic testing.


Our mission statement is 'Getting it right ON-SITE' your successful business operation is directly linked to our success, we see all our customers as business partners and you can rest assured that we are a family owned proactive, forward thinking independent company.