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Worlifts in conjunction with Enerpac offer an on-site ‘Safe and Correct Use of Hydraulic Tools’ Seminar. Understand the risks and discover best practices for the operation and inspection of your hydraulic maintenance tooling #thinksafety

With health and safety of paramount importance within industry why not take advantage of sharing best practices and real hands on experience. A dual course with both classroom and practical training run in conjunction with the world’s leading maintenance tool manufacturer ENERPAC will ensure both you, your staff or employees will understand the basic do’s and dont’s when using or checking hydraulic tools.

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Enerpac Safety Presentation ‘Feedback’

I thought the presentation was very well delivered and the safety information very interesting. The Instructor displayed true working knowledge and experience of the products, which he imparted into the presentation. The presentation has increased the Maintenance Technicians knowledge of the safe use of hydraulic equipment. The safe and correct use of the equipment was especially emphasised, this has helped close our knowledge gap of this subject. The product / safety information has been catalysts for us to improve and check our hydraulic equipment on a regular basis. We have replaced old hoses and fitted pressure gauges to all hand pumps. The fitting of pressure gauges was simple but obvious advice. The Technician’s now know what force is being applied and when the task has not been accomplished when equipment has reached 80% of its full force capacity, they stop and re-address their method, rather than carrying on, which could lead to an accident or damage to equipment. New innovative products were also on show and this product information has led us to purchase new equipment, such as a newly designed double bladed hydraulic nut splitter which will increase efficiency and reduce hot work.

Each attendee received an individual certificate from Enerpac confirming their attendance.