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Worlifts specialise in on site hand arm vibration testing of electric powered hand tools, electrical tool examinations and ON-Site hand arm vibration testing of pneumatic powered hand tools, pneumatic tool examinations.

Hand tool testing vehicles are fully equipped with the latest hand arm vibration 3 axis testing machines and related recording software. In addition (PAT) portable appliance testing machines, revolution meters, bolt load meters and calibrated measuring equipment is also incorporated.

What ‘Hand Tools’ are usually examined?
General powered tools used for maintenance, fabrication and assembly. This includes impact guns and finishing tools i.e grinders, nut-runners, drills, linishers and attachments used for locating, fixing or supporting the tooling during operation.


The introduction of this service in 2005 was driven by both our customers who were looking for a 'single source solution' for their ON-Site testing services and by the every changing control of vibration regulations.  This large capital expenditure investment and continuous training of our employees gave both our existing customers and potential new customers the confidence that are dealing with a well-established company who is prepared to move with the times and who will listen and provide a solution to any situation.

To conform to current hand arm vibration legislation (ISO5349) your hand tools must be thoroughly examined by a competent person, hand arm vibration tested and all accompany records recorded.

We specialise in offering a planned contracted schedule ensuring you are fully compliant with all legal requirements Worlifts will manage your hand tooling inventory offering you piece of mind that your tooling items are fit for task and when used in service they will be fully operational and correctly certified clearly stating maximum exposure to vibration either on a colour coded system or points system.

Why would you switch to US?

Worlifts always recommend an on load test is performed on all hand tools before returning to the customer after any examination, inspection or repair to confirm its correctly functioning.

Many companies will perform at best a 'visual inspection’ or a ‘free running function test' on hand tooling. For vibration control measures a 'free running test, air test or laboratory test' in the majority of cases are unsatisfactory and in some cases vibration m/s2 levels are recorded 2 x higher than value shown in the catalogue when actually tested in service.

This service will ensure the correct tool is selected for the task, that all tool testing is documented and that you are in a position to carry out risk assessments and method statements all that is reasonably practical to reduce vibration exposure to your employees or sub-contract labour.

SAFETY in mind Statement!

The service has grown from strength to strength through all sectors of industry, from small independent companies to large multi-location organisations. Our services are used to carry out regular examinations of the full range of electric hand tools and pneumatic hand tools. Our thorough examination, thorough inspection of hand tools can include on load vibration testing, specific tool risk assessments, tool suitability for task trials and vibration management projects

This type of test ensures the tooling items works correctly through its operation, this is even more essential when testing on site as you may have no equipment history, making an on load test hand arm vibration test the only test that should be carried out.

On a final note, visual inspections without operating the equipment really tell the inspector very little. You cannot tell the condition of the internal working parts, an impact wrench can be badly bashed from the outside and yet still work perfectly, while a brand new impact wrench may have been under lubricated or incorrectly used in its first operation causing the anvil to be damaged or the reverse mechanism damaged, both of these conditions can only 100% be verified by on load testing of your hand tools.


Our mission statement is 'Getting it right ON-SITE' your successful business operation is directly linked to our success, we see all our customers as business partners and you can rest assured that we are a family owned proactive, forward thinking independent company.