LOLER Thorough Examinations, Inspections

LOLER stands for ‘Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations’

It is a requirement of LOLER that lifting equipment, lifting gear, rigging accessories are inspected at suitable intervals of either 6 months or 12 months dependant on the classification of the equipment being examined.

The provision of onsite LOLER examinations is carried out UK wide by our fully trained and competent engineers. Following our visit your equipment will be correctly identified and classified and a report will be issued with the ‘next’ date of required examination along with all the LOLER specific detail. We are also full member of the ‘Lifting Equipment Engineers Association’ LEEA.

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Hydraulic Tool Testing, Hydraulic Jack Testing

Hydraulic tool testing is a specific onsite testing service that is designed to offer customers who have or own high pressure hydraulic tools and associated jacks a service that ensures that tools are regularly functionally tested (not just visual) and certified using the dynamic testing machines, calibrated equipment and the latest technology.

Hydraulic maintenance equipment can be easily forgotten or overlooked during a LOLER examination scheme. Our specialised service is dedicated to ensuring your tools are tested correctly and function safely whilst in operation.

Mobile testing vehicles are capable of testing hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic jacking equipment onsite to a maximum capacity of 160 tonne and also incorporates all ancillary items. As part of the onsite service minor repairs can be carried out to the majority of leading brand manufactures equipment.

A preventative maintenance scheme or Enerpac EMP scheme can also be provided to ensure regular maintenance is carried out along with or in additional to your tool testing programme.

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Garage Equipment Examination and Testing

Garage equipment including trolley jacks, hydraulic jacks, jacking beams, pit jacks and vehicle lifts can be tested and certified onsite utilising our mobile testing and preventative maintenance trailers.

In addition to the ‘lifting and supporting’ items we offer the additional service of onsite calibration of manual and powered torque wrenches, this makes it easy to combine all of your statutory safety testing requirements to one visit.

All equipment following examination and testing will be correctly identified and issued with the correct certification for the correct period. Although not all garage equipment falls under the category of LOLER it will be inspected and classified and issued with a conforming report to PUWER.

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Crane Inspections, Maintenance and Repair

Cranes come in all sorts of sizes, capacities and classifications. Our engineers are fully conversant and understand both classification and types of crane structures, overhead travelling cranes and hoists types.

Serving predominately the Central Midlands, Worcestershire and West Midlands our qualified time served engineers are on hand to respond to crane breakdowns as and when the need arises ensuring your business is subject to the minimal amount of downtime.  

Statutory inspections are carried out in line with both manufacturers and industry standards and all cranes and associated equipment can be added to a preventive maintenance plan. Carrying out regular maintenance ensures best practice and allows any potential defect to be identified early and the necessary action planned in a proactive and timely manner.

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Railway Specific Small Plant Testing

The rail industry uses a wide range of specific lifting equipment, hydraulic and mechanical jacking equipment and associated hydraulic tools.

Our rail division operates a unique onsite testing service throughout the UK, the majority of the over ground and underground railway network rely on maintenance tools to carry out installation, renewal, maintenance and project work. To ensure these tools are tested correctly we offer an onsite service that allows items such as mechanical track jacks to be functionally tested and load tested onsite.

No matter what your project your tools and equipment will need to be fit for use, safe and certified when required, our onsite service ensures this. The service can be tailored to planned visits in line with the equipment classification, based around usage or at the start of a major project.

Minor repairs can be carried as part of the onsite testing visit, all records of test are documented and copies are available both in hard and electronic format.

We are accredited and audited by various railway bodies and contractors on a regular basis.

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Hand Arm Vibration Testing, HAVS Testing

Hand arm vibration testing is carried out by our fully trained engineers who understand both the control of vibration regulations and current regulations outlined in ISO5349.

Onsite testing of hand tooling can provide a very useful insight into the actual levels of vibration produced by tools when used in the workplace, in most circumstances the vibration level is much higher than the vibration level shown on the sales literature of a new tool.

Testing results can also be used to identify high risk tools, identify tools that require maintenance or repair and or replacement with the latest or alternative model better suited for the application.

All our equipment used to asses hand tools for vibration levels are regularly calibrated to ensure accurate results.

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Hydraulic Tool Safety Seminars, ENERPAC

High pressure industrial hydraulic tools when used correctly are extremely safe and reliable.

Our course in conjunction with the world’s leading high pressure tool manufacturer Enerpac ensures that your employees are fully conversant with the terminology, classification and most importantly the ‘Do’s and Don’t’s’ when operating hydraulic maintenance tools.

The course features both theoretical and practical sections and promotes best practice.

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