STB series pipe bender sets: removing the pipe



1. On benders that are equipped with a single-acting cylinder, retract the plunger and remove the pipe from the shoe.

2. On benders with double-acting cylinders, partially retract the cylinder. This will take any remaining force off of the pivot shoes and pins. Remove either one or both pivot shoes and reposition one pivot pin in the proper size “eject hole” where the pin will restrain the pipe, not the shoe, as they retract. Four-inch capacity frames have two “eject holes”. Use both sides.

3. Now fully retract the cylinder plunger. The bending shoe and pipe will retract together until the pipe meets the pivot pin. On contact, the pipe will strip from the bending shoe.

4. Remove the other pivot pin and pivot shoe to remove the pipe from the bender.

• If the measured pipe diameter is greater than the maximum allowable diameter, do not attempt to bend that pipe. Attempting to bend oversized pipe could
damage the bender and cause personal injury and will result in an unacceptable bend.

• Caution: When activating the hydraulic pump, the operator must be located on the cylinder side of the bender. It is important to stay out of the line of force
of the equipment while operating.

• During the bending process, watch the optic gauge until the gauge indicating line for the designated angle is aligned with the mark on the frame. Because of pipe spring back, it is usually necessary to bend slightly more than the desired angle.

• For complete bending instructions, refer to the instruction booklet included with every bender or call Enerpac.