Free Lifting Safety Wall Chart

If you have ever had to think about lifting something heavy at home, you’ll have been sure to think quite hard about it, questions like ‘How can I move this without hurting my back, or dropping it?’ no doubt crossing your mind..

Now imagine you are on a building site, or in a factory, and instead of just being a wardrobe, you have a 20 ton girder to move, or a large ‘delicate’ electric transformer.

Neither can be dropped and above all, there are real dangers present to those in the area. You have to get it right FIRST TIME.

Of course you will (I hope) have been trained on how to lift things, but at some stage you will have to work out just what sort of slings etc you must use, and that means consulting a table , a set of figures that tell you just how much weight they can take.

Consulting such guides as this will be sure to save you time, money and perhaps lives. With this in mind we, at Worlifts have created a ‘Lifting Safety Wall Chart’, just so you have the information to hand.

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