Tangye Hydralite Claw Jack
  • Portable - Extensive use of high strength aluminium alloys minimises jack weight for portability.
  • Reliable - Tangye Hydralite Plain Base Jack's long service life makes it the choice of many rental operations. All moving parts are totally enclosed and lubricated by the hydraulic oil. Seals are highly resistant to deterioration under widely varying climatic conditions.
  • Safe - Overload & Overstroke Protection A high pressure relief valve prevents lifting of excessive loads, while locking overloads applied to the ram. A fail-safe positive stop mechanism prevents overstroking of the ram by venting oil to the reservoir when the stroke limit is reached.
  • Load Sustaining - When loads are to be sustained for significant time a screwed ram should be selected. Screwed rams do not rely on fluid pressure to hold the load.
  • Minimum Operator Effort - Full capacity is achievable with one operator. The short lever is lightweight and requires little space for operation.
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