Worlifts specialise in the supply and in-service support of all lifting equipment and associated lifting gear and crane rigging accessories.

We offer our customers the world's leading brands, this will give you the confidence that all lifting items supplied will be fully certified to the current standard and will be fit for task.

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Our range of equipment for the rail industry

As you hopefully know, we’ve just had a really successful time at Railtex 2017, and in a few weeks we’ll also be at Rail Live – busy times! However, it’s worth explaining a little bit more about the services and products we offer to the rail industry, so here’s a run down. Permanent Way We…

OHLEx 2016 is Nearly Here, are You Ready?

We’re getting geared up and ready for¬†OHLEx 2016 at Chester Racecourse this Wednesday, will you be going? If you’re at all involved in OHL policy and standards, are a rail project engineer, linesman or rigger or involved in any kind of Health and Safety to do with rail transport, then you really should be there.…