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We offer our customers the world's leading brands, this will give you the confidence that all lifting items supplied will be fully certified to the current standard and will be fit for task.

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Understanding the symptoms of heat stress and its effect on safety

Summer in the UK is on its way, and it looks like over the next few days the country will be basking in temperatures of up to 30 degrees. While this is great news for tourism, and no doubt the beach resorts will be selling out of ice creams, for some of us, it can…

Training from Worlifts – Hydraulic & Lifting Equipment Safety

Health and safety isn’t just a buzzword and a set of boxes to tick, it’s an incredibly important part of your company’s procedures and it’s essential all staff understand it. Although it’s often spoken of in disparaging terms, with people blaming Health & Safety for stringent rules and regulations and often spoiling people’s fun, it’s…

Hydraulic Lifting Equipment – What to consider for safety

Hydraulic systems are everywhere around us, and it’s no surprise, as a tool for lifting heavy loads or applying pressure, they’re efficient and powerful. Due to the basic rule of Pascal’s Principle, they allow a small force to be multiplied into a much larger one, making it a breeze to lift heavy objects or operate…

Lifting Equipment Safety – What Are My Obligations?

We’ve covered the technical aspects of LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998) in another blog, but there might still be some nagging doubts about what exactly covered by the regulations, and what you, as an employer, need to do in order to ensure you comply. Of course, it’s not just a matter of…

Health and Safety: Working in cold weather

Working in hot weather brings with it a whole host of problems when the heat may tempt some people to cast away thick, protective clothing and perform their duties wearing nothing but shorts and a smile. Cold weather is not so much a problem, as safety equipment is generally very thick, and when put on…

Brexit and Health and Safety Law – Will Anything Change?

The vote to leave the European Union on the 23rd of June has sent shockwaves through Britain and the rest of the world, and it seems that some sort of Brexit is going to happen. Quite what that will look like is anyone’s guess at the moment, but it is certain to mean that areas…

Is it OK to buy second hand lifting equipment?

When you’re in the market for lifting equipment, you can sometimes be tempted to look at the second hand market to find what you need, simply to keep costs down. Equipment used for lifting is often expensive, and for good reason. There are huge safety issues around the lifting of heavy plant, people and other…

What Is HAVS and How Does It Affect People?

Hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) is a condition caused by repeated use of a vibrating machine that is in some way held while in operation. HAVS is caused by the vibrations of machinery causing damage to nerves and blood vessels in the hand. The syndrome, which has been previously known as vibration white finger (VWF), increases…

Wind Turbines – Why Evotorque2 Is a Must-Have Tool When Working in the Field

Are you happy that your electric torque tools could be giving vastly different results depending on the joint type? Unfortunately, according to some research carried out by Norbar in 2010, that’s exactly the problem people are facing. The torque delivered to a hard joint could be more than double the torque that the same tool,…

On-Site Examination and Testing – Come and See us at Hillhead 2016!

Worlifts can provide testing and examination both in-house and at your premises, but can on-site testing really be that good? When you see what’s in our van, you’ll believe it! Come and see us at Hillhead and we’ll show you how we have the capabilities to do all of the following testing on-site, with no…

Come and See the New EvoTorque®2 at Hillhead 2016!

From the 28th to the 30th June, Worlifts will be demonstrating the new Norbar EvoTorque®2 at Hillhead 2016, the largest quarrying, construction and recycling event of it’s type in the world. We’ll also be showing off our unique on-site testing capabilities with our mobile testing vans, come and see how they work, and how they…

OHLEx 2016 is Nearly Here, are You Ready?

We’re getting geared up and ready for OHLEx 2016 at Chester Racecourse this Wednesday, will you be going? If you’re at all involved in OHL policy and standards, are a rail project engineer, linesman or rigger or involved in any kind of Health and Safety to do with rail transport, then you really should be there.…