Wind Turbines – Why Evotorque2 Is a Must-Have Tool When Working in the Field


Are you happy that your electric torque tools could be giving vastly different results depending on the joint type?

Unfortunately, according to some research carried out by Norbar in 2010, that's exactly the problem people are facing. The torque delivered to a hard joint could be more than double the torque that the same tool, with the same settings, would deliver to a soft joint with great potential to leave bolts under or over tightened and therefore potentially dangerous.

Of course, this means that in the maintenance of winds turbines both on and off-shore, the processes and tools used could be doing more harm than good.

According to Juan Carlos Casas, Sales Engineer at Norbar:

Torque, in this context, is essentially the measurement of rotational force applied to a threaded fastener. Where the torque is either under or over the manufacturer’s specification, it can cause considerable damage to the turbine structure. One of the key technical implications of over or under torque is the potential for vibrations in the turbine, which presents a real risk of catastrophic failure.

Of course, health and safety considerations really come to the fore, especially in the harsh environment of a wind farm. With multiple tools having to be used in order to complete a job, it becomes complicated and dangerous. Manoeuvrability becomes hampered and operation difficult. And then if the incorrect measurements are taken, or the wrong torque applied, components can suffer premature wear giving rise to severe damage to the structure. This could even lead to fire.

Something had to be done.

The Evotorque2 from Norbar solves these problems.

Whatever the conditions, the Evotorque2 gives unprecedented control. Results are within ± 5 percent of set torque. Over-torque is also minimised with it's intelligent motor design and leading control software.

Power Control

One particular concern of many operators is the power supply on many remote wind farms. Usually, power is supplied by small generators with long cables giving erattic output. However, the design of the Evotorque2 means it is largely immune to these fluctuations.

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