Assembling STB series pipe bender sets



1. Fully thread the hydraulic cylinder into the cylinder support block on the bending frame.

2. Make sure that the saddle is fully threaded into the plunger fully hand tight.

3. Make all hose connections between the cylinder and hydraulic pump. Make sure that the coupler(s) are fully hand tightened.

4. Select the appropriate bending shoe for the pipe size. Each shoe is marked for size. An arrow indicates the center of the bend to be made.

5. Insert and lock the bending shoe onto the cylinder plunger. Make sure to install the “U” shaped lock pin.


1. Place the pipe into the bender frame.

2. Attach the optic angle gauge to the top of the pivot shoe. The pin locator on the top of the pivot shoe locates the correct setting of zero before the bending cycle.

3. Mount the second pivot shoe. Both pivot shoes are marked for various pipe sizes. The markings on the pivot shoes must match the pipe size being bent and face the pipe.

4. The angle gauge should now read zero when read along the line that is scribed on the bender frame.

5. Lock both of the pivot shoes into position with the push-button pivot pins. The pivot pins are operated by pushing down on the push-button while inserting the pin into the pivot hole. The pivot pins must be completely inserted through the hole that is marked with the corresponding pipe size.

6. Actuate the hydraulic pump and proceed with the bend.