Wind energy for the future

Our ever increasing demand for energy means that we really do need to find new sources. Green energy comes in many forms and wind turbines can be a contentious issue in some areas. However, they do contribute a percentage of energy to the National Grid and they provide clean energy.

More than two-thirds of people would rather have a wind turbine than a shale gas well near their home, according to a new opinion poll published on Tuesday.

Asked to choose between having the two energy sources within two miles of their home, 67% of respondents favoured a turbine, compared to just 11% who would support the gas development.

The findings of the UK-wide ICM survey shows that only nuclear power and coal are less popular than shale gas developments.

The ICM poll, together with a second new poll from YouGov, show public opinion is against George Osborne's push for a new "dash for gas" as the central plank of the government's energy policy.

The polls come at a critical time for the government's energy bill, which aims to deliver the £200bn required to replace and develop the nation's ageing energy infrastructure, due to be published on 5 November. The investment required will be added to household energy bills that are already rising and proving a political headache for David Cameron. Please click to continue.

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