Why you should have proper fall protection and arrest training

Fall protection training ensures that your employees are properly trained when working at heights. Always choose the right training program for your needs and make sure that all staff who are going to be involved in working at heights are correctly trained in all aspects of the work. It is also important that your employees are properly trained in the operation of machinery and equipment – that however is another subject.

By ensuring that your staff are well trained in fall protection, you are providing a safer working environment for them. Make sure that your fall arrest equipment is well made and well maintained and that any worn or damaged parts are repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Always buy the best quality and the most suitable equipment for your requirements so that your employees are properly served. Your staff should be familiar with the fall arrest equipment and will be trained in the correct use and application. Courses in fall arrest are readily available and are well worth the time and money spent on them.

By making sure that your staff are well trained in fall arrest and fall protection, you are minimizing the likelihood of accidents occurring. As a result, you can avoid the threat of legal issues from employees being injured, absences from work due to injury and other issues that can be the result of a hazardous work environment. Also, by having an excellent safety record means that your company will be well respected and will therefore have a better chance of gaining future projects.