Q&A : What is a tracker aligner jack?

A track aligner is intended to be used in the aligning and slewing of track, including points and crossings. It is considered to be the most advanced tool created specifically for this function. It can be used inside or outside the track on railway maintenance operations.

This tool is obstructionless when released and handle removed. The track aligner’s low profile renders it obstructionless when positioned in the ballast. Thus, it can be used during intervals in traffic and left in the track. Its horizontal action will slide the ties through the ballast producing minimal disturbance of the top of the track.

Its hydraulic ram unit has a swivel head design that allows it to be positioned flat against the web of any rail when required, including flat bottom rails.

A track aligner is made up of mild steel which makes it lightweight compared to its capacity, yet robust enough to meet the tough operating conditions it can be subjected to.