The safe operation of pullers

To avoid personal injury during system operation, read and follow all CAUTIONS, WARNINGS, and INSTRUCTIONS included with or attached to each product. Enerpac cannot be responsible for damage resulting from unsafe use of product, lack of maintenance, or incorrect product and system application.

• Always wear proper personal protective gear (i.e. gloves, safety glasses).

• Make sure that the items to be pulled are supported by a means other than the puller.

• Before each use, lubricate the center bolt threads with a graphite-based lubricant.

• Use a puller capable of pulling the load. Overloading the puller may cause it to break.

• Never use a tool to strike the puller. Hitting the puller may cause it to break.

• Applying heat to the puller may damage it, causing the puller to fail at lower than rated load.

• Use puller only with recommended attachments or damage to the puller may occur.

• NEVER use standard grade bolts or parts to repair pullers. Standard grade parts may break when the puller is used, causing personal injury and/or property damage.