Taking care of a hydraulic system

The most common reason for the deterioration of a hydraulic system is hydraulic fluid contamination. Inadequate efforts at removing contaminants from fluid or avoiding the replacement of hydraulic fluid until a severe fluid breakdown occurs, generally reasons the poor performance of system over a period of time. Most often the contaminants enter the system in form of dust with metal or rubber besides, entrapped water and air too contaminate the fluid. In order to maintain clean and clear hydraulic fluid, it is wise to inspect the fluid samples regularly.

Fluid contamination can also be called "additive deterioration" as additives are the key source which provide the oil with certain specific characteristics. Since these additives are more vulnerable to chemical and physical changes, their deterioration can result into fluid breakdown. Fluid deterioration often occurs due to high temperatures hence, it is advised to keep the fluid operating temperatures well below 60 degree Celsius. These days most of the hydraulic power units are laced with heat changers and temperature controls.

The life of a hydraulic system can be maximized to the fullest by keeping a regular check over the clarity of hydraulic fluid. The two major things which needs to be looked after are fluid contaminants and the chemical composition of fluid.