Scissor lifts are so versatile

The hydraulic scissor lift raises parts for construction to different heights, elevates working platforms, and larger models can lift up to 120,000 pounds. The advantage of such a machine is simple, it is easy to operate, with electric, air, and fluid hydraulic systems, it can easily lift necessary components to the desired height in no time at all. It's simplicity is a great asset for the machine.

These lifts come in many different shapes and sizes. An individual can purchase one for his or her car garage for lifting car parts, or just for elevating a work bench. For the more industrial user, larger models can be purchased for capacities up to the previously mentioned 120,000 pounds, for lifting such things as large storage containers.

Again, the simplicity of this machine is its greatest asset. It can be used for a wide variety of tasks. Cost efficient in terms of little maintenance, and reasonably priced for its load capacity, smaller models of the machine can be purchased anywhere from £400 to around £2,500. Medium to Large load capacities can go from anywhere from about £2,500 and upwards, depending on what you are looking for, there is a substantial increase in price for a few thousand more pounds of load capacity.